salt of the earth

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the salt of the earth

A person or group that is regarded as genuine, unpretentious, and morally sound. This phrase is typically complimentary. Don't worry, even with all his success, Robert is still the salt of the earth. He donates most of his salary to charity and volunteers weekly at the hospital.
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salt of the earth

Fig. the most worthy of people; a very good or worthy person. (A biblical reference, Matthew 5:13.) Mrs. Jones is the salt of the earth. She is the first to help anyone in trouble. Frank's mother is the salt of the earth. She has five children of her own and yet fosters three others.
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salt of the earth

1. A person or group considered as embodying simplicity and moral integrity.
2. Archaic A person or group considered the best or most worthy part of society.
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salt of the earth, the

An individual or group of people considered to be the best or noblest of the kind. Salt has long been considered a valuable commodity, and this metaphor dates from biblical times. According to the Gospel of Matthew (5:13), Jesus told those who were persecuted for their loyalty to him, “Ye are the salt of the earth.” The term has been so used ever since.
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The Umami salt is a new addition to our innovative salt line," noted Avi Freund, Export Manager at Salt of the Earth.
I find a great preaching point in this gospel reading when I realize that Jesus does not ask us how we have to restore our saltiness, but instead Jesus calls and empowers us as the salt of the earth.
Wilson turned this episode into the screenplay for Salt of the Earth.
The main challenge in sodium reduction is the aftertaste of salt substitutes," explained Aliza Ravizki, R&D Manager of Salt of the Earth.
When Jesus says that the disciples are the salt of the earth, "earth" may not primarily refer to the world of humanity, but to the outdoor earthen oven where dried, salted dung patties are used as fuel.
Officials for Salt of the Earth, which supports salt-pan workers in southern India, raised more than pounds 400 during a buffet evening at Bombay Palace.
Sylvia Nolan, 70, a retired youth worker, of Essex Street, said: "She is the salt of the earth and does so much for us all.
They said in a statement: "Tom was the salt of the earth - a charming, mature and loving boy who always put family first.
THIS is my last goodbye to the old ground, I savour the moments on the hallowed turf Imagining I'm a City hero to the sound Of the Bob Bank loyals, salt of the earth.
Terrence Fitzgerald, Salt of the Earth is an informative, highly accessible account, illustrated with scattered black-and-white photographs.
The Holy Father has called us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world and he taught us what he means by it.
Highlights were the single Very Best Friend and when vocalist Greg Griffin dedicated Salt of The Earth to a drunk fan who couldn't keep off the stage.
When I was brought up in Birmingham, folk were the salt of the earth who would help you with your problems.
in Grant County, New Mexico, Salt of the Earth did more than break the blacklist; it broke racial, gender and class stereotypes.
Kael published her first review in 1953; the pieces in I lost It at the Movies begin in 1954, with an attack on the right-wing Night People and the left-wing Salt of the Earth.