salt of the earth

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the salt of the earth

A person or group that is regarded as genuine, unpretentious, and morally sound. This phrase is typically complimentary. Don't worry, even with all his success, Robert is still the salt of the earth. He donates most of his salary to charity and volunteers weekly at the hospital.
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salt of the earth

Fig. the most worthy of people; a very good or worthy person. (A biblical reference, Matthew 5:13.) Mrs. Jones is the salt of the earth. She is the first to help anyone in trouble. Frank's mother is the salt of the earth. She has five children of her own and yet fosters three others.
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salt of the earth

1. A person or group considered as embodying simplicity and moral integrity.
2. Archaic A person or group considered the best or most worthy part of society.
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salt of the earth, the

An individual or group of people considered to be the best or noblest of the kind. Salt has long been considered a valuable commodity, and this metaphor dates from biblical times. According to the Gospel of Matthew (5:13), Jesus told those who were persecuted for their loyalty to him, “Ye are the salt of the earth.” The term has been so used ever since.
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Nominated for the Nobel Prize, no less than Thomas Mann called The Salt of the Earth "mythical and epical."
'We are the salt of the earth because Jesus called us by that name and the implication is that we are to bring joy to people.
"It is not just about Salt Sunday, Salt of the Earth meet regularly to discuss contemporary issues like modern slavery, immigration and environmental issues.
Then a rugby coach and some random people in the street do a fan dance with the chorus "He is so ordinary, ordinary, down to earth Northern and salt of the earth".
It was developed at Salt of the Earth's modern R&D facilities, with support from Practical Innovation, Israel, a consulting firm for developing innovative products.
Salt of the Earth Ltd has developed a low-sodium sea salt ingredient to reduce sodium in bakery products such as bread, breakfast cereals and snacks.
The rocker said: "My dad's salt of the earth, and everything I've ever got, I've worked for.
Washington, April 28( ANI ): Broadway star Cuba Gooding thinks that Tom Cruise is a real salt of the earth person that God has blessed.
A champion of the poor and ardent exponent of unity, the German Pontiff was, in many and such capacities as teaching, governing and sanctifying, both a beacon of light and salt of the earth. He has never ceased to offer fresh hope for defeating the forces of tyranny, cynicism and moral relativism, hovering like a dark cloud on the horizon.
But at the time of writing, we are in the dark and hoping to see an Olympian, a salt of the earth bloke, a soap star, someone who's only there for the scandal factor, a battle-axe actress and a couple who look good in a cossie.
JESUS told his disciples: "You are the salt of the earth" (Matthew 5:13).
"You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored?" This question begins the gospel reading for the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany.
He was a wonderful human being, hilarious, and the salt of the earth.
Paul Hegarty is the salt of the earth. Heroic player, former Scotland captain, respected coach, all-round good guy.
"European Peasant Cookery" is a guide to the cuisine of the salt of the earth of classical Europe.