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snake oil salesman

Someone who sells, promotes, or is a general proponent of some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. (Can also be formed as "snake oil saleswoman" if referring to a woman, or "salesperson" to be gender neutral.) I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for those snake oil salesmen on TV selling holistic medicines and therapies. A lot of people have been swayed by the presidential candidate's plan for economic growth, but if you ask me, she sounds like a snake oil saleswoman.
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no salesman will call

a phrase indicating that no salesman will visit or contact you if you make an inquiry about a product. All inquiries are confidential and no salesman will call.
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Our work with the Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers in Dallas is a great example of employee engagement and of providing tools to educate our next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.
We're proud to support Salesmanship Club's efforts to help local families and we're excited they selected TWCBC as their telecommunications provider.
Now he would have the time to exercise his salesmanship skills more broadly.
Titus and the Salesmanship Club received their awards during the CSJP wrap-up celebration, where the 75 interns and agencies selected for this year's program gathered to celebrate the end of a summer of community service.
To help contestants see great salesmanship at its best, OgilvyOne has seeded its YouTube channel with examples of great salespeople using proven sales techniques to close the deal.
But Egan remains optimistic, partly because of an unflagging confidence in his salesmanship skills.
com/reports/c51207) has announced the addition of Salesmanship for Attorneys: Building Your Practice Using Successful Sales Strategies from Corporate America to their offering.
This is the second early extension agreed to between EDS and the Salesmanship Club of Dallas since EDS became title sponsor in 2003.
This teaches them a lot in terms of salesmanship,'' said Diane Hewitt, sales manager for the San Gorgonio Council, which covers the Inland Empire.
Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers -- $30,000 for its program to treat childhood depression using competency-based family therapy;
PLANO, Texas, July 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The online auctions of the EDS Byron Nelson Championship custom chopper, built by the world-renowned Orange County Choppers (OCC), and a one-of-a-kind OCC-themed pinball machine raised more than $85,000 for Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers (SCYFC), the children's charity associated with the Championship.
Some top Democrats said the only wake-up call the party received, however, was one to energize its message and improve its salesmanship, while keeping its ideology exactly the same.
DFW INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Texas, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- DFW International Airport, EDS and the Salesmanship Club of Dallas are joining together for one final push to raise money for charity.
And whether he prevails depends on an improving economy and on the actor-turned-politician's salesmanship ability.
EDS donated one of the choppers to an online auction to benefit Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers, the charity of the EDS Byron Nelson Championship.