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close a/the sale

To reach an agreement with a buyer; to finalize a sale by persuading the interested party to complete the purchase. We need to move in a month, so how quickly can you close a sale? Obviously, we're looking for salespeople who can consistently close the sale.
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close a sale

 and close the sale
to complete the sale of something; to seal a bargain in the sale of something. The salesman closed the sale and the customer drove off in a brand new car.
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for sale

available for purchase; buyable. Is this item for sale? How long has this house been for sale? My car is for sale. Are you interested?
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no sale

no. I wanted to go to Florida for the holidays, but my father said, "No sale." No sale. You can't do it.
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on sale

available for sale at a reduced price. (Always implies lower than usual sale price.) These pots are on sale for $20. I bought these pants on sale for half price.
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*up for sale

Fig. available for purchase. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; put something ~.) When this lot comes up for sale, let me know. Is this property up for sale?
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close the sale

Also, close the deal; close on a sale or deal . Complete a transaction, as in Jack was delighted to close the sale. This term applies to such transactions as the sale of a house, also put as closing on a house, as well as negotiations leading up to a sale. The latter was also put as to close a bargain, a phrase used by Charles Dickens and other 19th-century writers: "He closed the bargain directly it reached his ears," Nicholas Nickleby, 1838.
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on sale

At a reduced price, as in These rugs have been on sale for a month. The use of sale for disposing of goods at lowered prices dates from about 1860.
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sales pitch

A line of talk that attempts to persuade someone of something, as in Let's hear your latest sales pitch for energy conservation. This term uses the noun pitch in the sense of "a talk," or more literally, a throwing of words at one. [Slang; late 1800s]
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white sale

A special offering of towels, bed linens and similar goods, not necessarily white-colored. For example, The big stores always have white sales in January. [c. 1900]
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for ˈsale

available to be bought, especially from the owner: I’m sorry, it’s not for sale.They’ve put their house up for sale.
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on ˈsale

1 available to be bought, especially in a shop/store: Tickets are on sale from the booking office.The new model goes on sale next month.
2 (especially American English) being offered at a reduced price: All video equipment is on sale today and tomorrow.
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for sale by owner

for sale by owner. One computer. FIZZBO. $100.
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no sale

interj. no. I wanted to go to Florida for the holidays, but my father said, “No sale.”
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n. the site of a crash involving one or more bikes, skateboards, snowboards, etc., where the debris is spread far and wide. (Looking like a disorganized yard-, garage-, or tag-sale. Man, did you see that yard-sale at the last turn?

for sale

Available to customers: a store where pets are for sale.
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on sale

1. Available to customers: That vegetable should be on sale at your local grocery.
2. Available to customers at a special discount: Bathing suits are on sale.
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Here is a fender which at any other sale would hardly be offered with out reserve, being, as I may say, for quality of steel and quaintness of design, a kind of thing"--here Mr.
Come, Trumbull, this is too bad--you've been putting some old maid's rubbish into the sale," murmured Mr.
I said that three witnesses amply established any case, but as yet, I said, the Hajji had not offered his slaves for sale.
One witness is not sufficient to establish the fact of a sale.
There was no record of a later sale to Alvan Creede.
French Frank was elated by the sale, which I had bound with a twenty-dollar goldpiece.
The sale was at the old house in Russell Square, where we passed some evenings together at the beginning of this story.
When Rawdon and his wife wished to communicate with Captain Dobbin at the sale, and to know particulars of the catastrophe which had befallen Rebecca's old acquaintances, the Captain had vanished; and such information as they got was from a stray porter or broker at the auction.
He read, too, that Count Beist was rumored to have left for Wiesbaden, and that one need have no more gray hair, and of the sale of a light carriage, and of a young person seeking a situation; but these items of information did not give him, as usual, a quiet, ironical gratification.
On a certain day, some wretched infant having purchased the damp gingerbread-horse (fearfully out of condition), and the adhesive bird-cage, which had been exposed for the day's sale, he had taken a tin box from under his stool to produce a relay of those dreadful specimens, and was going to look in at the lid, when he said to himself, pausing: 'Oh
He said nothing to her that night about the bill of sale and the application to Mrs.
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The main goal of streamlined sales tax (SST) is to simplify sales and use tax collection and administration in such a way that compliance with multiple state sales and use tax regimes will not create an undue burden on interstate commerce.
net) Sales rep: Teri Bentley, National/Regional, 208-735-3268; FAX: 208-734-9667; teresa.
Bostick, Scott, VP, Sales, Cardinal Health, Pyxis Products, CA