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salad years

A carefree time of youthful innocence, ingenuousness, and inexperience. A variant of the more common "salad days," which itself is taken from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. I had a few encounters with truly romantic love back in my salad years, before I graduated; now, however, I think love is largely an elaborate delusion. Whenever I ask my grandfather the meaning of a word I hear on TV, he always laughs and says he'll tell me when I'm no longer in my salad years.
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fruit salad

rude slang A disparaging term for a homosexual man (as is "fruit").
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salad days

A youthful, carefree time of innocence and inexperience. The phrase comes from a line in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra: "My salad days, when I was green in judgment, cold in blood." Ah, to be in love during your salad days, such blissful and carefree times. Whenever I ask my grandfather the meaning of a word I hear on TV, he always laughs and says he'll tell me when I'm no longer in my salad days.
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in one's salad days

Fig. in one's youth. (Usually formal or literary. Comparing the greenness of a salad with the greenness, or freshness and inexperience, of youth.) I recall the joys I experienced on school vacations in my salad days. In our salad days, we were apt to get into all sorts of mischief on the weekends.
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toss a salad

to mix various salad ingredients together. The chef tossed the salad. I tossed the salad just before my guests arrived.
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salad days

The time of youth, innocence, and inexperience, as in Back in our salad days we went anywhere at night, never thinking about whether it was safe or not . This expression, alluding to the greenness of inexperience, was probably invented by Shakespeare in Antony and Cleopatra (1:5), when Cleopatra, now enamored of Antony, speaks of her early admiration for Julius Caesar as foolish: "My salad days, when I was green in judgment, cold in blood."
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your salad days

If you talk about your salad days, you mean the time when you were young and had little experience. The Grand Hotel did not seem to have changed since her salad days. Note: This is a quotation from Shakespeare's `Antony and Cleopatra' (Act 1, Scene 5), when Cleopatra is talking about her youth: `My salad days, When I was green in judgment'.
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your salad days

1 the period when you are young and inexperienced. 2 the peak or heyday of something.
This is a quotation from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Cleopatra is commenting on her previous relationship with Julius Caesar: ‘My salad days, When I was green in judgement, cold in blood To say as I said then!’
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your ˈsalad days

(old-fashioned) the time when you are young and do not have much experience of life: Back in my salad days my friends and I used to go dancing every Saturday night.This comes from Shakespeare’s play Antony and Cleopatra.
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salad days, one's

Inexperienced youth, when one is still very green (i.e., unripe). The term comes from Shakespeare, who probably coined it: “My salad days, when I was green in judgement: cold in blood” (Antony and Cleopatra, 1.5).
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salad days

A time of youthful inexperience and carefree pleasures, usually looked back on with nostalgia. The phrase came from Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra, in which the Queen of the Nile reflected on “My salad days / When I was green in judgment: cold in blood . . .”
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