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Then the many are of another mind; they think that justice is to be reckoned in the troublesome class, among goods which are to be pursued for the sake of rewards and of reputation, but in themselves are disagreeable and rather to be avoided.
Huntingdon's sake,' said I, observing the dawn of a malicious smile of triumph on her face - 'you are welcome to him, if you like him, as far as I am concerned - but because it is painful to be always disguising my true sentiments respecting you, and straining to keep up an appearance of civility and respect towards one for whom I have not the most distant shadow of esteem; and because, if you stay, your conduct cannot possibly remain concealed much longer from the only two persons in the house who do not know it already.
For the sake of this did I cast everything else aside, for the sake of this did everything else become indifferent to me; and close beside my knowledge lieth my black ignorance.
Fairlie--for your niece's sake and for her father's sake, you shall not irritate me.
all for the sake of the very last thing in the world that is likely to happen.
He wanted as little fuss made as possible, for the sake of the ship's name and for the sake of the owners -- 'for the sake of all concerned,' says he, looking at me very hard.
For God's sake,' replied Tom, suddenly, 'don't talk about bankers
Hiro offers bothJunmai (Hiro Red; 15% ABV) andJunmai Ginjo (Hiro Blue; 15% ABV) sakes.
These higher-grade sakes tend to be the most fragrant and delicate, and are best served slightly chilled.
Hakkasan Dubai currently lists 23 sakes on its menu, with 12 of them exclusive to the brand, and Hakkasan head of wine Middle East and Asia Olivier Gasselin is extremely passionate about the subject.
Since retailers are the gatekeepers who often introduce consumers to sakes and Japanese whiskies for the first time (or at least the first time off-premise), it's important to understand the misplaced assumptions about Japanese products when educating consumers--especially given rising sales numbers in the category.
For more traditional sakes from Junmai, Ginjo and Daiginjo, wines would be a direct competition," Yumoto says.
From clear sharp sake served hot by the glass to premium sakes with nicknames like Demon Killer and White Snow Flower served cold by the small bottle, we examined sakes sweet and dry, clear and milky.
Classic Wine Imports, with upwards of 100 sakes in its portfolio, is the source of sake for many Worcester area sushi restaurants.
For the most part, he says high-quality sakes are best consumed cold and out of wine glasses.