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The All Japan Sake Fair at the Sunshine Exhibition Hall B Ikebukuro on June 17, 2017 sponsored by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association brought together over 1,350 sake manufacturers from 45 prefectures in Japan and the flavors of 800 unique sake brands.
Yakumi's subtle, modern interiors provided the ideal ambiance to taste the different blends of Hakkaisan sake.
Some will give more pear and apple aromas, some produce sakes with higher final acidity.
All the three sakes used in the tasting process (see box out on page 52) are sold in Hakkasan by the carafe.
For more traditional sakes from Jun-mai, Ginjo and Daiginjo, wines would be a direct competition," Yumoto says.
There's no single answer to whether sake should be consumed hot, warm or cold--often it depends on the type of sake and individual consumer preferences.
And did you know that in Japanese sake refers to any alcoholic beverage, while what we call sake in English is on its native soil called nihonshu?
As a general rule of thumb, lighter sakes, such as Ginjiyo and Daiginjyo, are best served between 50 and 60 degrees.
There wasn't a lot of selection and what did come to us was an inferior brew," says Ed Lehrman, founder of Vine Connections, a wine and sake importer.
Naveilhan explained that sake is often wrongly considered to be a spirit and the company wanted to promote the fact that it is fermented, with flavours of lemon, peach, melon and honey.
Japanese and Chinese beers and several sakes available.
The flavoured sakes offer the choice of Asian pear, Yuzu or citrus, raspberry and hazelnut.
The fruit sakes we carry are all naturally flavored with fruit puree instead of artificial flavors, so at least if you choose that route you know what you're drinking," says Umi barman Gabe Bowen, who oversees the list.
These are not places to come in the evening sip a few sakes and nibble some small foods.
Over the course of three days, the team tasted more than 40 sakes, which were all assembled in Japan by the WSET and then shipped over.