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In June 2015, Hiro Sake was named 'BEST OF NATION' from Japan, the highest award from the San Francisco International Wine Competition.
Ginjo sake, for instance, has had a minimum of 40% removed (or a 60% seimaibuai), and daiginjo a minimum of 50% removed.
To put it simply: sake rice does not contain any sugar, and to produce alcohol you need sugar.
Draft sake is a great substitute for beer occasions, and sake is a fantastic base for classic and contemporary cocktails, taking share from the spirits business as well.
Junmaishu, made with rice, water and "koji" mold spores, refers to a type of sake where the rice used must be polished to at least 70 percent, while Honjozoshu is made with rice, water, koji and a very small amount of "brewers' alcohol.
They will bring in gear from Japan and make sake in Dreghorn, Ayrshire, by next winter - if they get planning consent.
From clear sharp sake served hot by the glass to premium sakes with nicknames like Demon Killer and White Snow Flower served cold by the small bottle, we examined sakes sweet and dry, clear and milky.
By adjusting the dosages of the three elements, brewers manipulate the final style of their sake in terms of sweet or dry, lighter bodied or rich, etc.
Classic Wine Imports, with upwards of 100 sakes in its portfolio, is the source of sake for many Worcester area sushi restaurants.
That first store, says Guy Walpole who runs For Goodness Sake with sister Lisa, was opened by his mum on a corner site in Middlesbrough's Davison Street.
Guests can enjoy a night of sake cocktails, sushi boxes and geisha glamour from just pounds 10 per person.
Sake is gradually increasing its presence at banquets where Japanese government leaders play host to foreign dignitaries.
Every Monday, my friendcabal ritually attends a "secret" sake spot in the East Village.
In the article written by Maged Al-Kholidy "Is there love for the sake of love?