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When the commander sailed again I managed to ship a spy with him.
But they sailed into digging anyway by the flicker of the light- ning, and sent a man to the nearest house, a half a mile off, to borrow one.
Three days afterward the first-class merchantman Deliverance, Kirke, commander, sailed from London for the China Sea.
Spenlow went home without me (I had had an insane hope that he might take me back again), as if I were a mariner myself, and the ship to which I belonged had sailed away and left me on a desert island; I shall make no fruitless effort to describe.
The admirable fellow literally slaved in my interest, and so, I may say, did everyone in Bristol, as soon as they got wind of the port we sailed for--treasure, I mean.
We had not sailed above three days, when a great storm arising, we were driven five days to the north-north-east, and then to the east: after which we had fair weather, but still with a pretty strong gale from the west.
Just then I heard that there was a trading ship ready to sail, and taking leave of my friend I went on board, carrying with me a goodly store of cocoanuts; and we sailed first to the islands where pepper grows, then to Comari where the best aloes wood is found, and where men drink no wine by an unalterable law.
Fogg then learned that the Carnatic had sailed the evening before.
We have sailed many months, we have sailed many weeks,(Four weeks to the month you may mark), But never as yet ('tis your Captain who speaks) Have we caught the least glimpse of a Snark!
The ship Lark, despatched by him with supplies for the establishment, sailed on the 6th of March, 1813.
It seems foolish to write you a letter that you may never see, but I simply must tell somebody of our awful experiences since we sailed from Europe on the ill-fated Arrow.
The boat travelled up stream for about a mile at a pace I have never sailed at since, and don't want to again.
Was Peter the least gallant of the English mariners who have sailed westward to meet the Unknown?
When at last they sailed in, there was a little crowd to watch them.
I sailed my own schooner here--skipper, if you please.