sail in

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sail in (to something)

1. Lit. to travel into something or some place in a boat or ship. We sailed into the harbor nearly an hour late. We sailed in at noon.
2. Fig. to move or proceed into something or some place gracefully or without resistance. She sailed into the room wearing a flowing gown. Three young maidens sailed into the room before the door closed.
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References in classic literature ?
When all were dead except himself, however, the awful loneliness so weighed upon the mind of the sole survivor that he could endure it no longer, and choosing to risk death upon the open sea rather than madness on the lonely isle, he set sail in his little boat after nearly a year of solitude.
The old patron, who was obliged to sail in the morning in order to land his cargo on the frontiers of Piedmont and France, between Nice and Frejus, urged Dantes to try and rise.
After giving a boost to the Indian Air Force by flying a Sukhoi jet and the Indian Army by riding a battle tank, Patil, as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Forces, yesterday created history by becoming the first woman head of state to sail in a warship.