sail along

sail along (something)

to travel on a course in a boat or plane. The huge white ship sailed along the Amazon River slowly and peacefully. The boat sailed along peacefully.
See also: sail
References in classic literature ?
Meanwhile do I sail along on uncertain seas; chance flattereth me, smooth- tongued chance; forward and backward do I gaze--, still see I no end.
Sail along the Atlantic coast on board P&O's Oceana on a 14-night round trip from Southampton, calling at Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malaga in Spain as well as Casablanca in Morocco - where you can shop for Christmas presents in the lively markets - then returning via Madeira.
Maegan, Clan VIII and Inoui sail along in perfect Mediterranean weather off the Sardinian coast.
Apart from the relief that this decision brings to those who visit the beach, or sail along the city's attractive coastline, it will also protect the lives of people.
From September 2 until September 7 you can steam round the 'Channel Islands', cruise the River Severn and Bridges; or sail along the Somerset Coast.
The awards are presented by Oman Sail along with Renaissance Services, independently observed by KPMG, and supported by Rolls-Royce and Muscat Daily.
Siddle and the rest of the pace bowling attack have been able to sail along in the left armer's slipstream as bit part players supporting a compelling drama of success and are enjoying Johnson's success as much as their own.
Sail along the glittering coastline of Croatia, leap off the boat into crystalline waters and choose from a host of adventure activities including a bike safari, rafting and diving.
All you need to have is the spirit and a streak of adventure to sail along with us," he added.
In other words, the extent of the ice was so great that it was not possible for freighters to sail along the northern coast of Russia or the northern coasts of Alaska and Canada.
Sail along the glittering French Riviera before arriving in St.
But the grand finale day on Sunday promises to be the most spectacular of all with the Parade Of Sail along the Waterford and Wexford estuary.
After a short rest the teams will sail along the coast of the UAE to Al Hamra Marina in Ras Al Khaimah.
Haitham Salloum, his son Mohammad and Masoud Iskandar vanished a few hours after they set sail along the coast of the northern village of Arida last week.
There is something arranged in Amsterdam if we win and we will all jump into a boat and sail along the canals with more than one million people cheering us on.