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sag off

To absent oneself or leave early from school or work when one would normally be required to be there; to play truant. Primarily heard in UK. I was so restless and bored at work that I decided to just sag off after lunch without telling anyone. Hey, Jim and I are planning on sagging off from school on Friday, do you want to come with us? That's the last time you sag off class, mister! From now on, I'm dropping you off to school every morning!
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sag away (from something)

to settle or droop down or away. The cloth sagged away from the edge of the table.
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sag down

to droop downward. The branch sagged down and nearly touched the ground. When the rain got the drapes wet, they sagged down and touched the floor.
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sag under something

to droop under the burden of something. The porch roof sagged under the weight of the snow. The springs of the car sagged under the weight of all the passengers.
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There are bizarrely formed deep-sea fish with see-through bodies and eyes growing out their a***s that are less weird than an 80-year-old man's saggy dangly bits.
One of the most shocking things was seeing the droopy boobs and big old saggy body
GROWING numbers of men are going under the knife to get rid of their saggy eyebags.
You have a good approximation of Gordon Brown and his saggy face.
The room turned out to be dank and fetid, with saggy beds and threadbare towels and a shower nozzle that sputtered and quaked before spitting out a few spurts of brown liquid.
Saggy skin and excess hair are also high on the hate list.
Call us Trinny and Susannah, but saggy knees, leathery skin and wrinkled cleavage are never a good look.
The life of Riley: Hammocks are back in fashion favor, but they're sooo saggy.
The saggy, old cloth cat (right), whose creator Oliver Postgate died earlier this month, appears in Gromit's bedroom in Plasticine form.
She said her boobs are so saggy that when she bends over folk think she's a table.
Ooh, Stella's made a right tit of herself with the only corset ever to give a girl saggy boobs
The solution was saggy shorts, cut wide from top to bottom and hanging down to mid-shin.
So be prepared for saggy buttocks, jiggling bits and flabby boobs.
He also wants to share baths and showers with me but I can't because I'm either worried about my saggy bits or he wants sex.
No, the poor luvs who inherit this gene will develop saggy bellies whether they're hammered every night or not.