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sag away

1. To sink, settle, or droop away (from something). I hate the way my skin sags away in certain places. Just another wonderful perk of getting old, I suppose. Over the years, the dilapidated porch began sagging away from the rest of the house, until, one morning, it finally collapsed entirely.
2. In a boat, to drift continuously to leeward. With the rudder broken, we sagged away to leeward, completely at the mercy of the winds and the tides. I let the boat sag away south by southwest, intending to swing the sails around and take advantage of a clean line of wind to push us across the finish line.
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sag down

To sink, settle, or droop downward. The skin around my neck has started sagging down. Just another wonderful perk of getting old, I suppose. His shoulders sagged down as he realized he wouldn't be getting the promotion after all.
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sag off

To absent oneself or leave early from school or work when one would normally be required to be there; to play truant. Primarily heard in UK. I was so restless and bored at work that I decided to just sag off after lunch without telling anyone. Hey, Jim and I are planning on sagging off from school on Friday, do you want to come with us? That's the last time you sag off class, mister! From now on, I'm dropping you off to school every morning!
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sag under (something)

1. To sink or droop beneath some physical weight or burden. I began sagging under the all the bags I had to carry from the car to the train station. She sagged a bit under the weight of her fallen comrade, but she gritted her teeth and pushed onward.
2. To lose vigor or resolve because of something; to flag or weaken in spirits as a result of something. The whole team sagged under the news that our project was being canceled. I found myself sagging under the realization that all that hard work had been for nothing.
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sag away (from something)

to settle or droop down or away. The cloth sagged away from the edge of the table.
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sag down

to droop downward. The branch sagged down and nearly touched the ground. When the rain got the drapes wet, they sagged down and touched the floor.
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sag under something

to droop under the burden of something. The porch roof sagged under the weight of the snow. The springs of the car sagged under the weight of all the passengers.
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If a joint fails because the fixings of nails or bolts rust through, or even the timber shears at the joints, then you will have significant sagging quite quickly.
In the sagging experiment, a sheet sample was put in the oven for 12 minutes to ensure a distinguishable amount of sagging could be obtained for different polymers without tearing of the polymer sheet.
The local extension ratio of the ABS sample could not be measured accurately because ABS gave very little sagging and there was insignificant deformation of the grids.
In this experiment, the sagging of each polymer was measured three times and the average of these values were used for analysis.
The calculated [[[eta].sup.*].sub.0] will be used to correlate with the sagging result in Section 3.3.2.
For thermoforming, a polymer sheet must have sufficient elastic component to resist sagging, but remain viscous enough to flow into the mold under stress.
who found that the rate of sagging depended mainly upon the area of the sheet and thickness did not play a significant role.
A similar finding was observed by Cruz [22] for the sagging of circular samples.
No [lambda] results are presented for ABS as very little sagging was measured.
Therefore, it is expected that when thermoforming is performed at a temperature where the polymer exhibits a significant amount of sagging, webbing [a fold of polymer sheet that cannot be stretched flat against a mold surface [3]] is more likely to be observed on the fanned part because of the excessive prestretching of the polymer sheet.
3.3.2 Correlation Between Rate of Sagging and Rheological Parameters
The rate of sagging was determined from the slopes of the sagging curves in Fig.
Figure 7 shows the relationship between the rate of sagging and the melt strength of the polymers measured at 190[degrees]C.