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The 'Sage Marketplace' is a single global site that showcases all apps developed for Sage products and will allow ISVs to sell add-on components which are integrated with Sage's global products including Sage One and Sage Live.
The reason this integration is important is that the AvaTax Connect linkage we created allows Sage MAS 500 users to increase efficiency and reduce audit risk, while freeing up their accounting staff to focus on other initiatives," said Danny Baker, Principal of Baker Consulting, in an announcement.
It made sense,'' said Marcia Weiss, associate of director of SAGE and a former fifth-grade teacher at Castlemont.
We are very excited to finalize the purchase of Platinum for Windows and begin offering it along with our portfolio of industry-leading business management software," said David Butler, president and chief operating officer of Sage Software.
SQL 2000 now provides DacEasy with an easy solution for migrating its existing code base from DOS to Windows," said Stephanie Kleber, director of DacEasy sales for Sage Software, Inc.
Vineyardsoft Corporation, developer of the Sage KnowledgeSync Alerts & Workflow software solution, was selected as the winner of two awards from Sage Software at the recently-completed Sage Summit conference held in Washington, DC.
Some environmental groups would like to use the sage grouse as the spotted owl of the sage brush, as a means of gaining land management control,'' said Clait Braun, owner of an environmental consulting firm called Grouse Inc.
Service Management Plus (SM-Plus[TM]) Advanced Edition continues to offer a service management solution which seamlessly integrates with Sage MAS 500 ERP.
Genzyme Molecular Oncology's patented SAGE technology enables users to identify genes as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for potential drug development.
Sage didn't like the bag and didn't want to be in the bullpen, but he warmed up a bit when Frazier began rubbing his face and head.
In conjunction with the proposed transaction, the Sage Board of Directors and Silver Point have engaged CXO, L.
Sage Software provides integrated electronic health records, electronic data interchange (EDI) applications and practice management systems to more than 20,000 ambulatory care practices throughout North America.
Sage Software Healthcare Division, formerly Emdeon Practice Services, today announced that Internal Medicine Associates (IMA), a 62 provider practice based in Bloomington, Ind.
As we continue to grow our business, the ability to provide high quality customer service remains our top priority," said Andrew Corbin, CEO, Sage Software Healthcare Division.
RedTail Solutions today announced here at the 2006 Sage Summit its MAS 500 interface, which permits Sage MAS 500 enterprise resource planning customers to use its outsourced services for EDI and data synchronization.