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Maintaining control and accountability of the aircraft safing pins in a pin bag would have contributed to mitigating the hazard of the loose pins.
Schemansky, "Apparatus and method for detecting vehicle rollover having a discriminating safing function," U.S.
5) Fixation and stabilization of about 14000 m3 of drilling cutting as well as treatment, control, and disposing safely safing 111630 m3 of Wastewater and drilling mud prevents contamination of the environment and guarantees its safety.
These features combine to provide the levels of fail safing demanded for example by the automotive industry.
Because gaps between floors do little to impede fire and smoke, fire safing and smoke seals should be located between floors to maximize protection.
RA allowed ground operators to command the system at the goal level rather than through issuing individual commands and by the automation of flexible failure detection, isolation, and recovery (flexible in contrast, for example, to Cassini-Hugyen's traditional rigid safing (1) response to all anomolies).
His actions (pulling back the trigger and then safing the rifle) were making me nervous.
After "safing" the orbiter, the astronauts made the customary end-of-mission walk around Atlantis and lined up for photos.