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safety valve

An activity that one does to release strong feelings (such as stress) in a healthy or positive way. Golf has become my safety valve—when I'm really stressed about work, I make sure to schedule a tee time.
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safety net

A collection of resources available for use in case of problems, often financial ones. With the unpredictability of freelance work, I always make sure I have money in my savings account as a safety net. Cuts to welfare are just one example of how society's safety net has been weakened.
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safety in numbers

The idea that one is less likely to be harmed while in a group than by oneself. Don't go into the city alone at night—there's safety in numbers.
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there's safety in numbers

One is less likely to be harmed while in a group than by oneself. Don't go into the city alone at night—there's safety in numbers.
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safety in numbers

safety achieved by being concealed in or united with large numbers of people or other creatures. We stayed close together, thinking that there was safety in numbers. The elderly people went out together for a walk, knowing that there was safety in numbers.
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There is safety in numbers.

Prov. A group of people is less likely to be attacked than a single person. Gail never went out after dark without at least three friends, since she knew that there is safety in numbers. We should gather together a group of people to make our complaint to the boss. There's safety in numbers.
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safety in numbers, there's

A group has more protection against harm than an individual, as in Her parents won't allow her to date but do let her go to parties, saying there's safety in numbers . This phrase comes from the Latin proverb, Defendit numerus, presumably alluding to a military situation. It was first recorded in English about 1550.
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there's safety in numbers

People say there's safety in numbers to mean that you are safer if you are with other people or doing something with other people. Many people still feel there is safety in numbers when belonging to a union. On the street there's safety in numbers — find another girl to walk home with if possible.
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there's safety in numbers

being in a group of people makes you feel more confident or secure about taking action. proverb
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there’s ˌsafety in ˈnumbers

(saying) it is safer for a group of people to do something which could be dangerous for one person alone: We decided there was safety in numbers, so we asked everyone in the office to sign our letter of complaint.
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It provides for better-trained rescue teams, more oxygen supplies underground, and stiffer fines for safety violations.
When implementing a patient safety program it is helpful to remember that all of the rules around change management must be deployed.
According to Ray Masse, president, OASIS Alignment Services, Rochester, New Hampshire, USA, most mills require safety orientations that can take one to two hours to complete--and some are even longer.
HRH's commitment to safety begins at the highest corporate level, and is carried out throughout the firm on every project site, with the help of our subcontractors as well as the support of industry leaders such as OSHA and the BTEA," stated Harry Weidmyer, vice president of risk management, HRH.
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), which investigates the root causes of serious chemical accidents that harm workers or the public.
According to the Electrical Utility Safety Association, the Sault PUC is the only company in the utility industry to have every employee trained in Basic Certification Level 1--translating to three days of intensive health and safety training--as prescribed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).
To educate both the supervisors and the employees, E&M recommends a weekly safety communications program, which consists of a 10--to 15-minute weekly safety brief that spells out OSHA's requirements for a specific standard, the equipment that falls under that standard and suggestions for interacting with employees on the topic in question.
If a receiver gets vertical, the safety must get depth and keep him underneath.
That's not surprising, when you consider that none of the respondents to a nationwide survey of state teacher certification agencies required safety training for teachers.
As part of this newly expanded community policing initiative, Officer Bergin completed basic training in the proper selection, installation, and use of child safety seats in the spring of 1996.
Hadley also quotes Consumer Federation of America (CFA) product safety director Mary Ellen Fise as saying "We would be very concerned about any nominee that has an anti-regulatory philosophy.
A single incident involving compromised safety among residents can tarnish an otherwise impeccable record of caregiving.
Today, creating the culture of safety demands an on-going, carefully-thought-through, intelligent system of examining every predictable, expected, and unexpected scenario that could compromise the safety of a child or adult at your camp.
Danger looms especially close at companies with old machines that lack the latest safety features.