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Two basic types of positive affect regulation systems have been suggested by Depue and Morrone-Strupinsky (2005): One is focused on achieving and positive feelings such as excitement, joy, and vitality, and the other is focused on contentment and social soothing, which is in turn linked to the experience of social safeness and related to positive feelings associated with peacefulness and wellbeing (Gilbert et al.
In turn, to build U (G), we need to know the safeness status of some triples in S, for which we require the dominations of these triples.
Meanwhile, on the National Guard's request, an Army patrol arrived on the scene to place in safeness the arms available in the station in question, whose chief carefully took the initiative, in co-ordination with the administration, to hide them in his home," the communique said.
Described method of partial discharge localization and identification using inductive rotating probe is very powerful tool for service and maintenance of electrical rotating machines and bring saves and safeness for generator owners.
The parent/child relationship and the closeness and safeness experienced by the child is critical, and ABC 30&3 has helped to reconnect the parents and children.
It is necessary to remove earlier, decrease or reduce to the acceptable level all realistic potential risks in terms of product quality and safeness.
Most significantly, none of the ten have changed their political safeness or marginality by more than a very few percent-t age points.
Hot-smoked salmon cubes combine the pleasing taste of traditionally smoked salmon with the safeness of a cooked product.
Although according to some studies the safeness of martial arts in comparison to non-contact sports have been studied [1,2], similar to other martial arts the rate of injury incidence in this field seems to be higher than other non-contact sports [3].
Images of successful targeting effectively put in disrepute the claims made by the occupying forces as to the security and safeness of certain zones.
The construct, the safeness of the route infrastructure, was composed of three statements: fewer cars on the roads near the school, need for more crossing guards, and safer places to cross the road.
Safeness and conservativeness are two special cases of boundedness.
Finally, students learned that nonpink hamburger meat does not guarantee safeness to eat (75% correct increased to 93%).
Our issue is the safeness and soundness of the bank, and where we have troubled loans we're adequately reserved.
The day the children walk to the shops and are never heard of again is cast in the warm and seductive romanticised version of suburban safeness, as the 'good' mother waves goodbye to her children.