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has operationalized this factor as social safeness and considered it as an output of the soothing-affiliation system which plays an important role in affect regulation system (Depue & Morrone-Strupinsky, 2005), by contributing to feelings of contentment, soothing, and safeness.
For the sake of safeness and for comparison, also the non-parametric version of ANOVA with repeated measures, i.e., the Friedman rank sum test, was run; this additional analysis gave results coherent with those of ANOVA at the classical significance level of [alpha] = 0.05.
From ancient times the problems of long-term storing of grain made the person carefully watch the processes and events in the grain mass, study them, detect factors that effect on quality and safeness of grain and find ways decreasing their negative effect on the stored grain.
Participative safety refers to the extent to which the climate of the team is psychologically safe and subsequently through this safeness encourages the participation of each member of the team (Morris 2004).
This technique was conducted in vitro prior to in operation, and the results confirmed a satisfactory canal clearance, safeness, and convenience.
They say people conflate the look of the city with its safeness, and note that the violent crime is limited, targeted and geographically condensed.
In order to extract the maximum capacity safeness on the airspace, you need specific air traffic control equipment.
Ishiguro's reflection can and should be applied to storytelling; nostalgia, then, is not understood by Kazuo Ishiguro as the presence of negative phantasmal presences, but as a means to recover positive emotions of fairness and safeness (Shaffer and Wong 2008: 166-67) and to fight to actualize them.
We find in aggregate a decrease in perception of one's own nonriskiness (i.e., safeness) compared to others.
But that safeness, that hiddenness, has fooled some of us, and others, into believing that antisemitism no longer exists.
It is always important however to take professional advice when setting up a trust structure, as the safeness of the assets may be compromised if it is not clear who has responsibility for various aspects, or if so many powers are retained that the validity of the structure can be challenged.
The combination of high strength and ductility that provide modern AHSS can allow thinner components to be used in the cars construction and also to improve the safeness due to their high energy-absorption capabilities.
Sara realized her sense of need, a degree of dependency on the safeness Marta gave, and that it also brought with it a sense of non-aliveness, a void feeling in relationship to her life.
The major difference is that the domination matrix D is no longer employed; instead, while checking the safeness, we compute a digraph that encodes some dominations of interest of G.