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Thus, the perceptions from afar of the safeness of these cities may influence the probability of visiting them for future pleasure or business.
5% of respondents do not have a solution in place that measures the safeness of a given website based on a rating of its reputation, but 27% say this is a capability they would be interested in.
These devices improve the general safeness of a vehicle which is an important issue for any agency that sells auto insurance.
It is necessary and adequate to perform some complexe researches on flexible intermediary elements from elastic coupling structure, which would lead to working optimization on a long period, with favorable results in what concerns life and safeness of the system.
The story needs translating with imagination, edginess and assurance - instead we get a flabbily-directed piece where the two leads are played by personable actors whose inexperience may excuse them (Ben Hynes and Bethan Witcomb, both of whom suggest they can and will do better) and the other parts are played by good performers (Nick Wayland-Evans and Lisa Zahra) who seem constrained by the show's overall safeness and inattention to detail.
I was often at the side of Cardinal Hume, then Archbishop of Westminster, and his delegation as they probed the safeness of the convictions that followed these bombings.
Maybe "the best trainer from Ireland not called O'Brien" would have been a little less unintentionally controversial - and even then there'd be a great herd of Prendergasts and their fans, not to mention the odd Oxx and Rogers supporter, who'd be more than happy to try drinking a pub dry, while arguing the safeness of such a pronouncement.
Dietra Smith of Pennsylvania House reported, "I'm disappointed in color--the continuation of safeness.
According to GFI's survey, more than 40% of SMBs do not currently have a solution in place that measures the safeness of a given website based on a reputation rating, and 27% say this is a capability they would be interested in.
Characteristics as: shock--absorbing, adjustability, simulating capability, storage capable, safeness, lightweight, natural compliance and shock resistance, make the pneumatic muscles being easy to use and with great performances (*** Air muscles, 2008).
Safe City unites law enforcement, businesses, residents and city officials through a project intended to maximize safeness and minimize theft and other crimes in communities.
Wikipedia quotes that "Islam is a verbal noun originating from the triliteral root s-l-m which forms a large class of words mostly relating to concepts of wholeness, safeness and peace.
Model will be coupled with sensors to ensure safeness of device.
PurCotton E-Commerce is expected to offer customers a broad array of quality consumer products made of 100% cotton, including feminine care, mom and baby care, home care and medical care, all of which stand out for their safeness, healthiness, comfort, eco-friendliness and uniqueness, a strong reflection of "Let medical products close to our life and let PurCotton take care our health.
For each of our products, in collaboration with our above mentioned Nutraceutical partners, we have accumulated reams of studies confirming the good, and verifying the safeness of our products.