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At last we were safely launched upon the journey to which we had looked forward for so long, and the results of which meant so much to me.
To one of these the hekkador of the Holy Therns had no difficulty in approaching, and by its means the party was safely lowered to the ground.
As he spoke I had been wondering just how much I might safely tell this man of the mission which brought me to his land, but his next words anticipated the broaching of the subject on my part, and rendered me thankful that I had not spoken too soon.
Then the beasts bowed down to the Lion as their King, and he promised to come back and rule over them as soon as Dorothy was safely on her way to Kansas.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 30 (ANI): A Vistara aircraft flying to Hyderabad on Friday was safely landed back in Mumbai after a technical snag was detected after take-off.
Summary: State institutions should remind their staff to drive safely on Lebanon's roads, Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said.
FAISALABAD -- Police here on Thursday recovered two minor sisters safely, who were abducted last year, from Rajana area.
KARACHI -- The police arrested a kidnapper and safely rescued an eight-day-old child in the metropolis on Thursday.
Tagging the MMDA Twitter account, Padilla asked if the workers could be transported more safely.
FAISALABAD -- Millat town police recovered an abducted minor boy safely and arrested the woman kidnapper here on Thursday.
PK-350, en route to Peshawar from Karachi, landed safely at Peshawar airport this morning.
QUETTA: The Provincial Government, FC Balochistan and Pak Army have safely rescued 150 Hindu Pilgrims stranded in flash flood in District Kachhi and safely shifted to Shoran.
Microsoft is confirming once and for all that - in Windows 10 - safely removing USBs is no longer a thing you need to worry about.
India, April 8 -- For nearly two decades now, the Windows user base has remained divided into two majorfactions: those who "safely" eject their USB storage drives before unplugging them, and those who don't.