safeguard against (someone or something)

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safeguard against (someone or something)

1. To do what is necessary to ward off someone or something or to ensure that something bad does not happen. These trains have multiple fail-safes built into them to safeguard against derailing or losing control. I'm probably paranoid, but I always lock both the front and rear wheels of my bike to safeguard against theft, even if I'm just going into a store for five minutes.
2. To put protections in place to ward off someone or something from someone or something else or to ensure that something bad does not happen to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "safeguard" and "against." I know you want to safeguard your kids against any and all pain, but you can't shield them from everything, nor should you. Our security company specializes in safeguarding small businesses against burglars.
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safeguard someone or something against someone or something

to protect someone or something against someone or something. We will take action that will safeguard you against a recurrence of the unpleasantness. I will safeguard my family against the prowler.
See also: safeguard

safeguard against someone or something

to protect against someone or something. We will try to safeguard against accidents. How can I safeguard against prowlers?
See also: safeguard
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He said that it was a pleasant surprise for him to see facilities for the victims of the childhood ailment and safeguard them against turning to beggary.
MR NosaIgiebor, a Mobile Engineer with Microsoft Nigeria, has advised Smartphone users to familiarise themselves with security features in their phones to safeguard them against hackers or theft.
Newcastle city centre sees a spike in shoplifting as a result of the influx of Christmas shoppers while in Gateshead we do a lot of work with local businesses to safeguard them against opportunist thieves.
It prayed to Allah the Almighty to protect GCC countries, and safeguard them against evil.
Egypt occupied the two Saudi islands in 1967 to safeguard them against Israeli aggression, the minister added.
"As good as dead": The impact of blasphemy laws in Pakistan shows how once a person is accused, they become ensnared in a system that offers them few protections, presumes them guilty, and fails to safeguard them against people willing to use violence.
ASPU is keen on developing an influential Arab media discourse to directly impress the youth and safeguard them against extremism that is at is far from Islam the Minister said.
"When it involves young players and it happens in a friendly match, which is of little consequence, you have to look at the damage it might do and safeguard them against that.
He said that during the campaign people would also be informed about hygienic practices to safeguard them against avoidable diseases.
They also get preferred rates for insuring their vehicles and a unique Auto Protect insurance product to safeguard them against unforeseen events.
Qabalan concluded on a note that politicians must stick to their constants which would safeguard them against hegemony and foreign mandate.
SAVERS will be able to sleep a little easier this year after new moves to safeguard them against a fresh financial crisis.
er ert m m Clough & Co launched the Yorkshire Forward-backed initiative at the star of the year to provide local companies with free finance advice worth pounds 1,500 to help safeguard them against the economic downturn.
Wright, said: "I'm passionate about improving fitness levels in our kids to safeguard them against future health problems.
They said that while pensioners and other qualifying patients had flocked to clinics to receive their free jab, "a small minority of non-vulnerable patients" had requested it believing it would safeguard them against pandemic bird flu.
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