safeguard against

safeguard someone or something against someone or something

to protect someone or something against someone or something. We will take action that will safeguard you against a recurrence of the unpleasantness. I will safeguard my family against the prowler.

safeguard against someone or something

to protect against someone or something. We will try to safeguard against accidents. How can I safeguard against prowlers?
References in classic literature ?
The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection For the Independent Journal.
The Same Subject Continued (The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection) From the Daily Advertiser.
There was no need of other safeguard against me--the safeguard of wealth was enough.
The captain made light of his counsels, and pointed to his cannon and fire-arms as sufficient safeguard against naked savages.
I have never heard that poverty was any safeguard against it.
Never, I ween, through any heedlessness of his nurse shall witchcraft hurt him nor yet the Undercutter (8): for I know a charm far stronger than the Woodcutter, and I know an excellent safeguard against woeful witchcraft.
But they considered the lama's presence a perfect safeguard against all consequences, and impenitently brought Kim of their best - even to a drink of chang - the barley-beer that comes from Ladakh-way.
Religion forms the only adequate safeguard against the abuse of supreme power.
The one safeguard against Admiral Bartram's constitutional tendency to somnambulism was the watch and ward which his faithful old servant kept outside his door.
Summary: A daily low dose of aspirin can safeguard against the chances of suffering or dying from bowel cancer, research has shown.
It seems to me they are an added safeguard against a supremely callous behavior with extremely tragic consequences.
Most government workers, including those of the county of Los Angeles, are protected from arbitrary employment actions as a safeguard against cronyism or political favoritism.
The use of traditional timber-frame detailing with mortise and tenon joints, for example, is a proven safeguard against earthquake collapse, with all masonry being independently reinforced and non load-bearing.
Corporations have long felt the pinch for storage solutions that safeguard against data outages and business downtime while protecting profits.
Paymentech developed Profile Management in response to merchant requests to for safer ways to store customer data and safeguard against database hackers.