safe bet

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safe bet

1. Something that is certain to occur. Based on his grades, it's a pretty safe bet that Harry won't be able to graduate on time.
2. A person or thing that is certain to be good or successful. The department felt that she was a safe bet for the account manager position.
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a safe bet

a certainty.
A safe bet originally referred to a horse that was confidently expected to win a race.
2002 Observer It is a safe bet that as the Western world gets fatter, the people on its television screens will continue to get thinner.
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a safe ˈbet

(informal) something that is likely to be right or successful: If you want a cheap holiday with lots of sunshine, then Spain is a safe bet.
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I have no hesitation in endorsing the nomination of Sharon and regard her as a pretty safe bet.
Takings were down four per cent in the section of the business that tells lenders whether borrowers are a safe bet.
As home bankers go, Nottingham Forest look a pretty safe bet to beat Millwall at the City Ground.
With Safe Bet, you are forced to ask if all these things could really happen, let alone in what seems a maximum of six months.
Lynda said: "I hope they cheer when we strip." It's a safe bet.
It's a safe bet that the only athletics these will see is in the shopping bag as men dash home with them for their wives.
But I can reveal there's one other safe bet in racing during the autumn - follow Godolphin like you'd follow a mini-skirted blonde.
All I know for certain - because I've been told by those who know and also by those who don't - is that Australia at evens to beat England by more than 12 points today is a safe bet. England are generally 40-1 to win the World Cup - that's with bookies who know they will attract patriotic (i.e.
Since quins are so rare, Kia is on a pretty safe bet, though the amount does go up for twins or triplets.
I'd want more than that for betting that it goes dark 45 nights in a row, which is always a very safe bet unless you're an eskimo.
Although, I think journalism is still a safe bet. It would be a huge ask to invent a robotic journalist that was as stroppy and nosy as me and my colleagues.
Major League Baseball's All-Star Game will be held Tuesday night in Cleveland, and it's a safe bet Washington Nationals pitching ace Max Scherzer could strike out multiple batters while on the mound.
It's a safe bet that the CT5 will win similar praise.
WHEN Brian McFadden first took to the rink for Dancing On Ice most viewers thought he was a safe bet for an early exit.
It's a safe bet Still Game fans will have a night to remember when Scottish actor Paul Riley arrives in Airdrie.