safe bet

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safe bet

1. Something that is certain to occur. Based on his grades, it's a pretty safe bet that Harry won't be able to graduate on time.
2. A person or thing that is certain to be good or successful. The department felt that she was a safe bet for the account manager position.
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a safe bet

a certainty.
A safe bet originally referred to a horse that was confidently expected to win a race.
2002 Observer It is a safe bet that as the Western world gets fatter, the people on its television screens will continue to get thinner.
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a safe ˈbet

(informal) something that is likely to be right or successful: If you want a cheap holiday with lots of sunshine, then Spain is a safe bet.
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The Safe Bet Alliance, endorsed by the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) helps protect bookmakers and employees from crime and helps police catch offenders.
When it comes to wines, if you don't know what you're doing and don't want to spend a lot, likewise you might want a Safe Bet.
The Safe Bet Booker has been identified as one who book his flights as early as possible, reluctant to risk holding off in case flight prices should rise or flights sell out.
The formation of ice on roads is also a safe bet in sub-zero conditions.
Diddy" Combs, Lenny Kravitz and billionaire Phillip Frost, and it's a safe bet none would welcome being added to the list of celebrity poster children for the luxury housing crunch.
3 : a choice made by considering what might happen <It's a safe bet that they will win.
I think I can safely say -- between 6 and 7 is a safe bet.
Every time The Advocate's music issue rolls around it's a safe bet that classical music will be totally unrepresented [April 22].
Platinum should also be a safe bet, partly because of US demand for autocatalysts, Alliance reckons.
Atkinson said: "He'd be a safe bet if one of the big jobs came up in England.
A SAFE bet doesn't have to be boring and Volvo prove the point with their best pitch against German bruiser-cruisers, the S80, writes PAUL MYLES.
In this testimony, the poet expounds his belief that writing for children is a safe bet on the human future which aims at achieving positive human values.
Buying diamonds mined in Canada, where both environmental and human rights laws are strictly enforced, is another safe bet.