saddle with

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saddle (one) with (someone or something)

To force someone to deal with someone or something that proves to be a great burden. Why do you always saddle yourself with so much school work? Take fewer classes and enjoy yourself a little! The boss has saddled me with a new intern from the local college. The economic crash has saddled millions of people with debts they'll likely never pay off.
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saddle someone with someone or something

Fig. to burden someone with someone or something undesirable, annoying, or difficult to deal with. I apologize for saddling you with my young cousin all day. I didn't mean to saddle you with my problems.
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saddle with

To load or burden someone or something; weigh down someone or something: My boss saddled me with a large amount of work. The recent college graduate was saddled with debt.
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A 16 inch saddle company, pony general purpose saddle with stirrups and sprenger stirrups, which has scratch marks on the top of the seat, with 'The Saddle Company'' girth 42 inches.
They are described as a black Thorowgood Walsall Griffin saddle on a Shires equestrian rug, a black leather Wintec Bates Saddlery, Australia, saddle with tag saying "Laurie May, Polly", a brown leather saddle with a pink Shires equestrian rug, a black leather saddle with no detail and a black leather saddle Ideal Handcrafted Saddle Co, Walsall, with brown Thorowgood girth.
The 'horned' saddle did not outlast the Roman period in Europe; it was replaced in the early medieval period by a heavy wooden framed saddle with high rigid front and back cantles.
History professor Anne Bailey presents In The Saddle With The Texans: Day-By-Day With Parson's Cavalry Brigade, 1862-1865, a collection of primary sources, especially special orders, general orders, and communication between lieutenants, colonels and the like with regard to Parson's Brigade of Texan cavalry during the American Civil War.
Bring the upper body into the exercise: Select a gear that allows you to pedal off the saddle with a fair amount of resistance, which is easiest to obtain while riding uphill.