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sacrifice (something) on the altar of

To abandon something in exchange for something else (which is named after "of"). The phrase can, but does not have to, include a noun after "sacrifice." I know you want to help your family, but you can't sacrifice your happiness on the altar of servitude. It seems that the curriculum at this school has been sacrificed on the altar of profit.
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sacrifice someone or something for someone or something

to forfeit someone or something for the sake of someone or something. Surely you won't sacrifice your dear wife for a silly twit like Francine! Would you sacrifice your bank account for a chance to go to Europe?
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sacrifice someone or something to someone or something

to make an offering of or give up someone or something to someone or some power. The high priest prepared to sacrifice the prisoner to the gods. I sacrificed a lot of money to a fancy lifestyle.
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be sacrificed on the altar of something

If someone or something is sacrificed on the altar of a particular belief or activity, they suffer or are harmed because of it. They promised that the interests of farmers wouldn't be sacrificed on the altar of free trade. Let us hope that these children's education will not be sacrificed on the altar of social experimentation. Note: You can also say that someone or something is a sacrifice on the altar of a particular thing. He was just another sacrifice on the altar of celebrity. Note: An altar was a large stone on which animals were killed during the worship of a god or goddess in former times. The killing of an animal in this way was called a sacrifice.
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sacrifice someone or something on the altar of

make someone or something suffer in the interests of someone or something else.
1994 Post (Denver) The cherished goal of a color-blind society…has been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.
See also: altar, of, on, sacrifice, something
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Goats and sometimes sheep are often sacrificed at the start of winter in temples across Himachal Pradesh with the aim of pleasing Hindu deities.
Animals were sacrificed at five time points throughout the study (Figure 1) to assess the efficacy of the various treatments in lowering blood and brain lead levels, as follows: a) One animal per litter was sacrificed at PND41, immediately after cessation of lead exposure, and immediately before the start of chelation.
King Zhaoxiang [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], great-grandfather of Emperor Qin Shihuang, sacrificed to Shangdi in Yong.
The second specimen was taken from a patient whose artery was sacrificed but who had not undergone embolization, and it was selected to ascertain the effects that ethanol embolization had on the adherent sections of the artery in the case patient.
So there is ample basis to argue, and conclude, that Abraham had faith that God really did not want Isaac to be sacrificed, and would not let it happen.
He allowed himself to be sacrificed once and for all, and it is through that sacrifice that we are saved.
In locating the text's final and most decisive act of female intransigence on the night of December 24, a day earlier than the birthday of Christ-the-Savior in the Christian calendar, Naylor seems to reclaim messianic intervention into a gendered space by suggesting rather niftily that, in the framework of gender and community redemp tion, sometimes ordinary (Black) women have been there and sacrificed their lives in combating injustice, as does Willa, even before males show up, before those historical events and dates commonly conceded to male-redeemer figures.
If anything, he was relieved that none of his children was sacrificed to such a beast.
We were encouraged to venerate those who sacrificed for others, including fathers, who sacrificed in their jobs to provide for children, and mothers, who sacrificed of their time and energy to care for children.
And with all these babies being sacrificed, where are the bodies?
Cowgill cites two major reasons for considering the remains sacrificed humans.
soldiers who fought for Korea's liberty, those who sacrificed their lives, and to build a stronger friendship between the two countries," a spokesman for Samsung said.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Tuesday paid unanimous tributes to Aitzaz Ahsan, a school boy, who on January 6, 2014 sacrificed his life to save the lives of over 300 students and teachers of his school in district Hangu.
ISLAMABAD -- CoChairman Pakistan Peoples Party former President Asif Ali Zardari paid glowing tributes to party worker Yaqoob Pervez who sacrificed his life to arouse international conscience against General ZiaulHaq dictatorship.
However, other animals such as goat and sheep can also be sacrificed as well.