sacrifice to

sacrifice (someone or something) to (someone or something else)

1. To make a sacrificial offering of someone or something to some being, deity, or power. The tribe selects someone each year and sacrifices them to the gods. In burning our material possessions, we sacrifice that which binds us to the mortal world to the unknowable forces of eternity.
2. To give up, relinquish, or surrender someone or something in order to do something. He sacrificed a lot of career opportunities to follow his dream of moving to Japan. I sacrificed the best years of my life to raise you kids!
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sacrifice someone or something to someone or something

to make an offering of or give up someone or something to someone or some power. The high priest prepared to sacrifice the prisoner to the gods. I sacrificed a lot of money to a fancy lifestyle.
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Millions of Muslims around the world will offer a sacrifice to God on the first full day of the holiday.
While humans often give each other gifts with the expectation of eventually gaining some benefit in return, sacrifice to God should transcend such considerations.
People are enthusiastic about the festival, according to which Prophet Abraham presented his son Ishmael as a sacrifice to Allah.
Each family offered a lamb or kid as a sacrifice to God and then roasted it and partook of the meat along with matzah and bitter herbs at a festive meal to remember the Exodus from slavery in Egypt.
There is rejoicing that a respected anthropologist should move from a purely secular stance to embrace Catholic Christianity, but his interpretation of the cross as the sacrifice to end all sacrifice has awkward implications for our understanding of the eucharist.
The issue is not that Shiloh in its day and Jerusalem currently were not to have houses of the Lord in which to sacrifice to expiate sins, but that Israel and Judah did not heed the spoken word of God to the ancient forebears of the people:
Hughes notes that the crucifixion annuls sacrifice in three ways: first, because it is the single sacrifice that brings all carnal sacrifice to an end; second, because Christ lives; and third, because the crucifixion is transformed, initiating other forms of sacrifice among the faithful, such as discipline (50-51).
Judas then decided to send money to Jerusalem for sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the dead:
1) In these chapters the ritual practices inherited by the Qin are criticized in favor of a sacrifice to Heaven: "En fait, le sacrifice jiao adresse au Ciel est le rite le plus important au regard des regles redigees par les saints d'autrefois.
When I first came to PNG I was told that the pigkill is a sacrifice to the ancestors.
Jephthah's Daughter: A Lament is a ceremony which offers an opportunity to grieve the sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter, and to ponder the meaning of her sacrifice to us today.
She wants to reorient our notions and experiences of female sacrifice to refer to a way of being in the world "that balances autonomous individuality with the awareness that our own welfare can flow from the well-being of others.
Papers by Barnes and Grzimek move from locally derived sacrifice to contemporary forms expressed through the adoption of Christianity.