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sack (someone)

slang To dismiss someone from employment or service. The boss will sack you if he sees you've been wasting your time like this. A: "You lost your job?" B: "Yeah, they sacked me for being late too many times."
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the sack

Dismissal from employment. Usually used after "get" or "give." They gave me the sack for sleeping on the job. After they announced cutbacks, a lot of us were afraid of getting the sack.
See also: sack
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 and *ax
dismissal from one's employment. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) Poor Tom got the sack today. He's always late. I was afraid that Sally was going to get the ax.
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1. n. a bed. I was so tired I could hardly find my sack.
2. tv. to dismiss someone from employment; to fire someone. If I do that again, they’ll sack me.
3. and the sack n. a dismissal. (Always with the in this sense.) The boss gave them all the sack.
4. tv. in football, to tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. I tried to sack him, but he was too fast.
5. n. the completion of a tackle in football. Andy made the sack on the ten-yard line.
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