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rustle (something) up

1. Of food, to prepare quickly or with minimal effort. I was going to rustle up some lunch—would you like me to fix you anything?
2. To gather or collect. See if you can rustle up enough people to play a quick game of two-on-two basketball.
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rustle something up

Rur. to manage to prepare a meal, perhaps on short notice. I think I can rustle something up for dinner. Please rustle up something to eat.
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rustle up

Get together food or some other needed item with some effort, as in I don't know what we have but I'll rustle up a meal somehow, or You boys need to rustle up some wood for a campfire. The verb rustle here means "to assemble in a hurry." [Late 1800s]
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rustle up

To gather something or some people together, especially energetically or quickly: Go rustle up the kids and let's go for a drive. I went to the kitchen to rustle some dinner up.
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References in classic literature ?
Soon through the long aisles came Violet, flowers and green leaves rustling as she passed.
Violet's, so fair and beautiful, with its rustling trees, calm, sunny skies, and happy birds and flowers, all created by her patient love and care.
It was neither a rustling nor a rattling, and it tokened some large body passing through the brush.
A mob lynched two men accused of perpetrating cattle rustling in Kabondo Kasipul on Saturday.
To complicate the situation further are the high levels of organised cattle rustling going on.
THE Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Niger on Wednesday said it had deployed special squads to Munya and Shiroro local government areas of the state to check kidnapping and cattle rustling there.
Kidnapping has morphed into a longstanding problem in Nigeria since the crackdown on cattle rustling in the region.
Ngok Dinka leaders and Misseriya pastoralist groups from the eastern, southern and central migration corridors expressed their gratitude to UNISFA for the efforts in combating cattle rustling.
IT'S something many of us probably associate with the Wild West - but for farmers in North Wales it seems animal rustling is an increasing threat and, as in Hollywood westerns - the culprits are sometimes other farmers.
There's something about the rustling of the leaves and the swooshing sound of the branches blowing in the wind.
RUSTLE UP SOUNDS Tall grasses like miscanthus and greater quaking grass make a lovely rustling sound, as do fine-leaved trees like birch and robinia.
Father and son living in Jaiyl district of Chui region are accused of 20 cases of cattle rustling, Turmush reports.
Cattle rustling and revenge killings between rival communities are common in Kenya's remote and impoverished northern regions, an area awash with automatic weapons.
According to Deputy President William Ruto, main objective of this move is to tame banditry and cattle rustling activities among the pastoralists who have been feuding for many years over pasture and water for their animals.
Crimes against property consisted of 31,037 robberies, 56,349 thefts, 8,715 car thefts and 872 cases of cattle rustling.