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he exclaimed; and then he insisted on the Wizard taking the box of flutters and the little girl accepting the box of rustles.
Here, then, I made my home; and although it is a lonely place I amuse myself making rustles and flutters, and so get along very nicely.
He shot only by direction of sound; and whenever a noise or rustle was heard in the jungle, and when Jerry had informed him of its nature, he would shoot an arrow at it.
Affery, my woman,' said Mr Flintwinch grimly, after advancing his nose to that lady's lips as a test for the detection of spirituous liquors, 'if you don't get tea pretty quick, old woman, you'll become sensible of a rustle and a touch that'll send you flying to the other end of the kitchen.
ON THE COVER 8 One man, two predecessors - Rufus Hound was falling over himself to step into some big awardwinning shoes 16 Shimmer couple help to cast Whitley Bay in a new light 47 TASTE: Rabbit-loving Clarissa Dickson Wright rustles up a menu on the hop INSIDE 20 The rise, fall and rise of the Empire: celebrating 100 years of stage and screen in Consett 22 Sarah Blood on neon, concrete and big flames 24 A cut-out calendar of comedy 30 Wallington's history brought to life 33 Life's a cruise for photographer Clarita Lulic 42 More magic in the Enchanted Park
This version, however, includes ``Stomp'' Sweathog Fernandez, who rustles and rattles a half-step behind everyone else; a guy with a great world-weary face who ends up the butt of everyone else's mirth.
Jupiter rustles Cupid from a game of pool and sends him to Denton, Ohio in the form of a female student.
A haunting assemblage of rustles, chimes, and chants, it makes an atmospheric accompaniment to a playfully mysterious show.
Later, in the oldest known hula, a smaller, more subtle group rustles their pandanus leaf skirts, exquisitely evoking the ebbing tides.