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rustle (something) up

1. Of food, to prepare quickly or with minimal effort. I was going to rustle up some lunch—would you like me to fix you anything?
2. To gather or collect. See if you can rustle up enough people to play a quick game of two-on-two basketball.
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rustle something up

Rur. to manage to prepare a meal, perhaps on short notice. I think I can rustle something up for dinner. Please rustle up something to eat.
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rustle up

Get together food or some other needed item with some effort, as in I don't know what we have but I'll rustle up a meal somehow, or You boys need to rustle up some wood for a campfire. The verb rustle here means "to assemble in a hurry." [Late 1800s]
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rustle up

To gather something or some people together, especially energetically or quickly: Go rustle up the kids and let's go for a drive. I went to the kitchen to rustle some dinner up.
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NIR technology has been used for many years to detect internal defects in fruit, and Produce World Rustler was involved in trials on onions as long ago as 2007.
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260 pages in length, Code Name Rustler is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the action and adventure fiction category.
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The theft, from a farm near Easingwold, has prompted the Country Land and Business Association to warn regional smallholders to be on the look-out for bird rustlers eager to cash in on the traditional seasonal demand for turkeys, chickens, geese and ducks.