be rushed off (one's) feet

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be rushed off (one's) feet

To be exceptionally busy, especially to an exhausting or exasperating degree; to be made to work very hard and very quickly. We have three parties of 40 scheduled for the dining room this evening, so all of our servers are going to be rushed off their feet. With three young kids, it's hard to remember a time when I wasn't rushed off my feet.
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rushed off your feet

If you are rushed off your feet, you are very busy. Now we have fewer staff in this department, I'm rushed off my feet. You've been rushed off your feet all day, but what have you actually achieved?
See also: feet, off, rush

be/get ˌrun/ˌrushed off your ˈfeet

be very busy: In the last few days before the holidays, the sales assistants were rushed off their feet.
See also: feet, get, off, run, rush
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So, today, whether we are rushed off our feet or have time on our hands, may we spare a thought for St David and what he lived for.
If our Christmas tasting day is anything to go by, we should be rushed off our feet.
We've been rushed off our feet so far this year," she said.
Ms Macsween said: "We're rushed off our feet at the moment as we usually are before Burns Night, but it's been even busier than normal this year.
We were almost rushed off our feet last year when the sale finished, with vendors asking if they could have them.
We have certainly not been rushed off our feet with passengers and even the word modest really doesn't cover the situation.
We were rushed off our feet making sandwiches and selling ready meals," said Jordan.
We are dealing with around 1,000 record delivery letters a day, and working 12-hour shifts, we are rushed off our feet.
Tony Stevens, of Rentokil, said: "We have been rushed off our feet.
We will be following up these cases but at the moment we have been rushed off our feet dealing with Irish victims of the World Trade Centre tragedy and their families"
On Friday, we were very quiet before and during the match but were rushed off our feet afterwards.
Insp John Smith, of the Killingworth neighbourhood policing team, said: "We were rushed off our feet with the enthusiastic response from the students.
We are usually busy at the weekends but we have been rushed off our feet.
We wanted to do something to show our support for them and in particular their campaign for new facilities, so we're hoping that we will be rushed off our feet on Sunday.