be rushed off (one's) feet

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be rushed off (one's) feet

To be exceptionally busy, especially to an exhausting or exasperating degree; to be made to work very hard and very quickly. We have three parties of 40 scheduled for the dining room this evening, so all of our servers are going to be rushed off their feet. With three young kids, it's hard to remember a time when I wasn't rushed off my feet.
See also: feet, off, rush

rushed off your feet

If you are rushed off your feet, you are very busy. Now we have fewer staff in this department, I'm rushed off my feet. You've been rushed off your feet all day, but what have you actually achieved?
See also: feet, off, rush

be/get ˌrun/ˌrushed off your ˈfeet

be very busy: In the last few days before the holidays, the sales assistants were rushed off their feet.
See also: feet, get, off, run, rush
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Busy day, rushed off my feet Worked all through, had nothing to eat.
Dear BIZ I seem to be rushed off my feet with orders and I'm bringing in lots of cash but when I look at the books there doesn't seem to be much of a profit going on.
Then a couple of clubs came in before Motherwell and I was rushed off my feet from 5pm onwards.
Michelle continues: "I've been rushed off my feet since the shop opened.
The show homes are not open yet but with prices starting from a really attractive pounds 99,950 and with 5% deposit paid for first time buyers, I am expecting to be rushed off my feet.
After the programme, I was rushed off my feet," says Claire, 30, a Liverpool Community College part-time catering tutor.
The cakes are proving very popular among those planning weddings and I have been rushed off my feet keeping up with orders.
I've been so rushed off my feet, single-handedly coping with the kids, shopping, housekeeping, cooking, bill-paying and gardening that I haven't really stopped to think.
NAME the artist and song and you could win a prize:I'm so rushed off my feet, (oh-oh) Looking for Gorden Street, So much I need to say, I'm sorry that it's on her wedding day.
She said: "I have been rushed off my feet today but it's been great fun.