rush into (something)

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rush into (something)

1. To move with great haste into something or some place. Cold air rushed into the car as I opened the window. The shoppers began rushing into the mall the moment it was opened to take advantage of the Black Friday sales.
2. To cause, compel, or force one to move into something or some place with great haste. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rush" and "into." Security rushed the president into the building after the first shot smashed into the table. The worker at the station rushed us into the train so that it could depart on time.
3. To act carelessly or recklessly; to undertake something without proper consideration or preparation. I wouldn't rush into any deal like that with him, if I were you—you don't know this guy too well, so who's to say he won't screw you over? Michelle's always been that way, though. She rushes into these things and buys whatever catches her eye, rather than considering what makes the most sense.
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rush someone or something into something

 and rush someone or something in
to lead or carry someone or something into something or some place hurriedly. I rushed her into the hospital emergency room, and everything was soon all right. The nurse rushed in the emergency medical equipment.
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rush someone into something

to hurry someone into doing something. We rushed Harry into taking the job. Sally has always hated that dress. Sam rushed her into buying it.
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rush into

1. To enter some place hurriedly or quickly: The firefighters rushed into the burning building.
2. To cause someone to enter some place in a hurry: The teacher rushed the students into the gymnasium so they could play games before lunch.
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References in classic literature ?
On the way, M'ling had suddenly rushed into a thicket and driven out an under-sized Ocelot-man, also blood-stained, and lame through a wound in the foot.
Once or twice its service was most effective, as when a fishing boat, with gunwale under water, rushed into the harbour, able, by the guidance of the sheltering light, to avoid the danger of dashing against the piers.
At the same time many of the townspeople rushed into King Street by various avenues, and gathered in a crowd round about the Custom House.
"The town drums beat to arms," replied Grandfather, "the alarm-bells rang, and an immense multitude rushed into King Street.
The water rushed into his lungs instead of the air that had always accompanied his act of breathing.
He came to the surface, and the sweet air rushed into his open mouth.