rush off

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rush off

1. To leave or depart in haste. I'm sorry you have to rush off like that. Hopefully we'll see you again soon! He rushed off after the meeting to catch a flight to New York.
2. To cause, compel, or force one to leave or depart with great haste. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rush" and "off." The waiter rushed us off the moment we were finished with dessert so that he could make room for the next guests. I really didn't like how they rushed us off the plane like that.
3. To send something in great haste, especially by mail. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rush" and "off." I'm so sorry you haven't received your order yet—we'll rush a replacement off to you ASAP. We need to rush our tax returns off to the IRS before the deadline.
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rush something off (to someone or something)

to send something quickly to someone or something. I will rush your order off to you immediately. I need to rush off this package to Walter.
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rush off (from some place)

to hurry away from some place. I'm sorry, but I will have to rush off from this meeting before it's over. Mary had to rush off before the party was over.
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rush off

1. To depart in a hurry: It's too bad you have to rush off right after the movie.
2. To send or transmit something hurriedly: As soon as your payment clears, we'll rush off your package to you. I'm sorry you left your book here; we'll rush it off to you in the mail.
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They grabbed him, put him in an ambulance and rushed him off to the hospital."
The cardiologist gave him a statin drug and rushed him off to the cardiac catheterization laboratory.
"His knee cap had popped out and so we rushed him off the A&E at North Tees.
Then, at 9.20pm, cops pounced on the man, aged 47, in the back garden and rushed him off for questioning.
Paramedics rushed him off to hospital when they arrived at the station 20 minutes later.