rush to

rush to (someone, something, or some place)

1. To move toward someone or something in a hasty or frantic manner. Everyone rushed to the door as soon as we started smelling smoke. She rushed to the child who had fallen out of the tree.
2. To do something in a hasty or frantic manner. You can tell they rushed to release their newest product, because there are a lot of troubling issues that should have been caught during the development cycle. He rushed to help the man who had been struck by the car. Thankfully a police officer rushed to our aid.
3. To cause someone or something arrive at some state, condition, or location in a hasty or frantic manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rush" and "to." I think they rushed this story to print, because there are a lot of glaring mistakes in here. The show was about to begin, so the usher rushed us to our seats. We rushed him to the hospital after he collapsed on the floor.
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rush to someone or something

to hurry to get to someone, something, or some event. I rushed to the injured man to try to help him. We all rushed to the office to see what had happened.
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References in classic literature ?
He tried to rush to the door, but he was too dazed, and fell against the wall.
alas I we may not have The things we hope to gain; The quiet life may come to me, The rush to Emma Jane!
"I don't like `the rush to Emma Jane,' and I can't think of anything else.
Nobody ought to know it IS me standing by the river; it ought to be `Rebecca,' or `the darker maiden;' and `the rush to Emma Jane' is simply dreadful.
AT&T MEC services will enable Rush to manage its cellular traffic over both its local network and its wide area network.
IMC will be launching Toyota Rush to fill in the gap between its Corolla and Fortuner vehicles.
Blues coach David Young pushed the boat out to lure Rush to Wales and sees him as a catalyst to his side's new campaign.
Called ecNet, it enables Rush to scan documents through a Web browser and send those images over Rush's campus area network to the HRS building with a click of the button.
As a humanitarian, I want Rush to get medical help for his addiction, using doctors, not prison guards.
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Southwest Assistant Regional Director Joseph Chnupa has presented $1,000 to Carnegie Mellon University for a second place finish in the "Rush to Recycle Challenge."
Make a fast outside rush to the OT's outside shoulder and try to beat him upfield before he can either set up or run the edge with you.
The scared Bush team quickly invited Rush to spend the night at the White House and to join Marilyn Quayle in the vice president's box at the GOP convention in Houston.
Limbaugh visited the River Bank in 1990 when he was in South Bend for one of his "Rush to Excellence" live-theater appearances, and Burggraf describes the media star as "just an ordinary guy.