rush to

rush to someone or something

to hurry to get to someone, something, or some event. I rushed to the injured man to try to help him. We all rushed to the office to see what had happened.
See also: rush
References in classic literature ?
alas I we may not have The things we hope to gain; The quiet life may come to me, The rush to Emma Jane!
I don't like `the rush to Emma Jane,' and I can't think of anything else.
Nobody ought to know it IS me standing by the river; it ought to be `Rebecca,' or `the darker maiden;' and `the rush to Emma Jane' is simply dreadful.
Saxon could not see the cause of all this, but she could guess when she saw the larger boys rush to the gutter, pick up stones, and sneak into the alleys between the houses.
Upon this, the seamen rushed to the yard-arms, as in swarming-time the bees rush to the boughs.
The first generous impulse of Duncan was to rush to the rescue of the hapless wretch; but he felt himself bound to the spot by the iron grasp of the immovable scout.
Three-quarters of the distance Danny covered in the rush to get together, his intention to eat up the Mexican lad plainly advertised.
Cigna is proud to be working with Rush to provide a leading-edge health plan for employees, said Sue Podbielski, Cigna president for Midwest markets.
After trading guard Kareem Rush to Charlotte for two future second-round draft picks last December, the Lakers sent forward Jumaine Jones to the Bobcats at the end of October for a second-round pick in 2007.
Make a fast outside rush to the OT's outside shoulder and try to beat him upfield before he can either set up or run the edge with you.
Bill's White House geniuses want to create yet another liberal face for Rush to be in.
Also, it is still too early to tell whether Simmons can effectively communicate the value of his company and the strength of his management team to the investment community, or whether he's ready for Rush to be judged on the open markets.
Rusty" Rush to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer.
That implies they do not think; they need Rush to tell them what to think.
With American Truck Source being one of the largest providers of owner-operator trucks in the United States, the current state of increasing demand for heavy-duty trucks and estimates from manufacturers and component suppliers for this demand to continue to increase, this will be the most important acquisition for Rush to date.