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That, if Joe knew it, and at any subsequent period of our joint domestic life remarked that his beer was flat or thick, the conviction that he suspected Tar in it, would bring a rush of blood to my face.
One day as he rode along on horseback, near Kirklees Abbey, he was seized with so violent a rush of blood to the head that he reeled and came near falling from his saddle.
Position cannot be an indifferent matter; and we must, as much as possible, prevent the rush of blood to the head.
The prince is not very well: bile and rush of blood to the head.
Baldly as he had stated it, in his eyes was a rich vision of that hot, starry night at Salina Cruz, the white strip of beach, the lights of the sugar steamers in the harbor, the voices of the drunken sailors in the distance, the jostling stevedores, the flaming passion in the Mexican's face, the glint of the beast-eyes in the starlight, the sting of the steel in his neck, and the rush of blood, the crowd and the cries, the two bodies, his and the Mexican's, locked together, rolling over and over and tearing up the sand, and from away off somewhere the mellow tinkling of a guitar.
He felt a rush of blood to his head and first went pale and then suddenly flushed.
When she blushed it gradually became more indistinct, and finally vanished amid the triumphant rush of blood that bathed the whole cheek with its brilliant glow.
It was authentic in Alencon that Mademoiselle Cormon suffered from rush of blood to the head.
Which British band released a 2002 album, entitled A Rush of Blood to the Head?
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a spinechilling rollercoaster ride through an eerie theme park and an abandoned mental hospital.
However, a rush of blood from France striker Giroud at the start of the second half reduced Arsenal to 10 men.
But, unfortunately, Germany and France seem to have had a rush of blood to their heads and invented the simple idea of one currency for all - the Euro.
My head how it throbs The rush of blood The rush of blood The rush
HULL 1 NORWICH 0 HULL manager Steve Bruce criticised red-carded striker Yannick Sagbo for a "stupid" rush of blood to the head - but praised his remaining 10 men for holding out to secure a 1-0 win over Norwich.
Three surveys this week revealed most of us like to decorate our homes in white and beige, that we don't really like people calling us by our first names when they're trying to sell us things and Coldplay's album A Rush of Blood to the Head was voted the best of all time.