rush for

rush for (someone or something)

1. To move toward someone or something in a hasty or frantic manner. It always amuses me how people rush for the gates to board a plane when we've all been assigned a seat already. Security guards rushed for the gunman as he fired a shot at the senator.
2. To attempt to accomplish, achieve, or obtain something in a hasty or frantic manner. You can tell they were rushing for a holiday release, because this product clearly didn't have enough time to have all the problems worked out. You keep rushing for kids and a house of your own, but I think you should take the time to enjoy this period of freedom in your life.
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rush for something

to hurry to something. All the people rushed for the exits when the game was over. We rushed for the picnic tables as soon as they said that lunch was ready.
See also: rush
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He opened holes to help Crespi rush for more than 2,700 yards, and he made 57 tackles and five sacks on defense.
who, as Public Enemy's business manager, negotiated with Rush for a multimillion dollar contract for the rap group.
Wallace, Ewayn Pigford, and Chris Martinez combined to rush for 129 yards on 32 carries for Cleveland.
Starting tailback Treat Stinson suffered an ankle injury in the second quarter but Mike Brandenburg came in to rush for 87 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries.
The Lakers, as expected, completed their trade with the Bobcats earlier in the day, exchanging Rush for two second-round draft picks, and the 24-year-old shooting guard was back at Staples Center like nothing had changed.
Cleveland 42, San Fernando 3: Kenny Niaki, Julius Killings and Clyde Griffin combined to rush for 237 yards on 37 carries for visiting Cleveland of Reseda.
Clarke Kress and Barbani combined to rush for 130 yards on 31 carries for L.
Eric Jones and Milvon James combine to rush for 146 yards on 11 carries for Fremont.
Gilmore combined to rush for 211 yards, and the Bell-Jeff defense limited La Verne Lutheran (0-2) to seven yards and yielded only 10 plays of positive yardage.
Moorpark 35, Buena 14: The Musketeers (6-4) had two backs rush for more than 100 yards and played tough defense in beating Buena (5-5-1) in the Div.
1, the NCAA suspended Rush for 15 games for accepting $200 from sports agent Jerome Stanley and 29 games for accepting $6,325 from former AAU coach Myron Piggie.
He informed the Pacific-10 and the NCAA, then interviewed Rush for 30 minutes as part of an internal investigation.
Ansel Reyes, Ricky Marcelo and Chris Cadevida combined to rush for 99 yards on 17 carries for the Valiants (1-5).
The two biggest steals of the '95 draft became two of only six running backs in league history - along with Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell - to rush for 1,000 yards in each of their first four seasons.
Montana State had two players rush for more than 100 yards after entering the game without a 100-yard rusher this season.