run through (something)

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run through (something)

1. Literally, to move through some thing or area while running. Police officers ran through the square in pursuit of the suspect. He went running through the field toward the parking lot.
2. To proceed through something very quickly or summarily. The professor ran through chapter 4 because she felt it was the least important module of the class. OK, let's run through this meeting so we can all get on with our work.
3. To review or rehearse the details of a process or sequence. Let's run through the plan one more time. We only have one day to run through the entire play, so let's not waste any time.
4. To guide one through or inform one of the process or details of something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "run" and "through." Can you run me through the plan one more time? I ran the boss through the deal, and he thought it all sounded good.
5. Of water, to flow through some area or thing. The river runs right through the middle of the city, establishing two distinct but united halves. The children sat watching the tiny stream of water running through the dirt.
6. To be present as a streak within something else. A beautiful vein of quartz ran through the granite slab. I love the purple streak running through your hair.
7. To spread or be present throughout something; to permeate or pervade something. A sickly odor ran through the quarantined area. A theme of forgiveness runs through the book. There has been an air of contempt and disdain running through these political debates.
8. To use or deplete the entirety of an available supply of something, especially very quickly or wastefully. We'll need to ration our meals, or else we'll run through all our food in a day or two. Who keeps drinking all the milk? We're running through it like crazy!
9. To cause something to be manipulated or affected by something, such as a machine, piece of software, chemical solution, etc., in order to achieve some kind of analysis or effect. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "run" and "through." We'll run these pages through the press to laminate them. We'll need to run this through a bath of phosphoric acid to remove all the built-up rust. You can tell they ran these photos through a filter to make them look so good.
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run someone through (with something)

to stab a person all the way through with something, such as a sword. The knight ran the attacker through with his own sword. He ran him through and stole his horse.
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run someone through something

1. to make or guide someone though an area while running. They ran us through a maze as part of our training. We ran the little boys through the park so they could get some exercise.
2. to guide a person through a process. Let me run you through the process so you will know what is happening to you. Can I run you through this procedure again?
3. to rehearse someone. The director ran the cast through the last act three times. She ran herself through the part at home between rehearsals.
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run something through something

1. to drive or propel something through the midst of something or a group. The cowboys ran the cattle right through the crowd of people standing at the station. He ran his truck through the bushes at the end of the driveway.
2. to process something by going through a procedure, a deliberative body, or a department. I will have to run this through the board of directors. She ran the invoice through the accounting department.
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run through something

1. to pass through an area, running. Stop running through the living room! We ran through the park as part of our exercise.
2. to go through a procedure or sequence; to rehearse a procedure or sequence. I want to run through act two again before we end this rehearsal
3. to read or examine something quickly. I ran through your report this afternoon. Sally ran through the list, checking off the names of the people who had already paid for tickets.
4. to spend or use a supply of something wastefully and rapidly. He ran through his inheritance in two years. Have we run through all the peanut butter already?
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run through

1. Pierce, as in The soldier was run through by a bayonet. [c. 1400]
2. Use up quickly, as in She ran through her allowance in no time. [c. 1600]
3. Practice, review or rehearse quickly, as in Let's run through the first movement again, or The crew ran through the rescue procedures, or The attorney ran through the defense witness's testimony. [Mid-1400s]
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run through

1. To run in some passageway or from one side of something to another: The ink runs through the nib of the pen. The children ran through the field.
2. To review the main points of something from beginning to end: The crew ran through the preflight procedures. We ran through the witness's testimony before presenting it in court.
3. To permeate or extend throughout something: A dark mood runs through all of Poe's works.
4. To use something until there is no more left: She ran through all of her money in five days.
5. To rehearse something without stopping: Let's run through the first act again.
6. To impale someone: He ran the soldier through with a bayonet.
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