run a temperature

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run a temperature

To have an abnormally high body temperature (a fever), which is indicative of or caused by illness. Dan: "How's Pete feeling?" Marshall: "Well, he ran a temperature last night, but he seemed a lot better this morning after some rest." I think I've started running a temperature. Maybe I should go lie down.
See also: run, temperature

run a fever and run a temperature

to have a body temperature higher than normal; to have a fever. I ran a fever when I had the flu. The baby is running a temperature and is grouchy.
See also: and, fever, run, temperature

have/run a ˈtemperature

have a higher body temperature than normal: She’s got a terrible headache and she’s running a temperature.
See also: have, run, temperature
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Given the low running temperatures, their operation is guaranteed up to 40[degrees]C, for higher temperatures.
But for those of us who don't have any of these conditions, it must be that our ( office thermostats cater to someone else 's body temperature, or that our running temperatures are different from the average person.
The base oil sector is currently growing at a fast rate hand in hand with increasing engine and transmission requirements, aiming to achieve lower and lower emissions and friction, while the running temperatures increase.
Algorithms would adapt the tire for high running temperatures and improper inflation.
I've had a lot of sick horses and apart from Treve I've had a terrible year with horses running temperatures. Treve's neighbours were not well, but luckily she has not been sick."
The motherboards also utilise Ultra Durable 4 technology, with protection measures in terms of safeguards for moisture, high running temperatures, electro-static discharge and sudden power loss.
If any custom heat sinks are required to bring certain components within their manufacturer-designated running temperatures, ATS assumes all tooling charges and sample production costs, including any customized heat sink attachment hardware.
The 13.1-mile race from Newcastle to South Shields could also be blessed with sunny spells and ideal running temperatures according to the Met office.
19-phase Super Alloy Power components provide more headroom for overclocking with a 15% performance boost, reduced running temperatures by 35degC and prolonged product lifespan by 2.5 times.
Rolling resistance of tires can be correlated to loss tangent (tan [delta]) in a temperature range between +30[degrees]C and +70[degrees]C which comprises the running temperatures of a tire.
Some supermarkets are investing in self-contained refrigeration systems, which industry executives say further reduces concerns over refrigerants and running temperatures. "Our self-contained merchandisers simply need a 110-volt outlet," says Howell Feig, director of sales for AHT Cooling Systems USA, based in Hanahan, S.C.
<p>Slightly more substantiated rumors abound regarding the abilities and running temperatures of these chips: first, Fermi chips have incredibly realistic rendering capabilities.
Failing to reduce shot size after blocking cavities, not using backpressure when filling empty manifolds, running temperatures too high, reversing valve-pin sequence, and forgetting to turn on the cooling water are just a few deadly sins that contribute to leaking systems.
Variable pitch geometry provides staged compression along the length of the screw, resulting in lower running temperatures and power consumption.