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God has called me to do whatever I can to protect the Earth from an industrial civilization that's running roughshod over it.
We believe it's time the American people wake up to the fact that our judicial system is running roughshod over our Christian heritage, and we as veterans want to stand up and say that," Cabaniss told The Birmingham News.
Instead,most of life resembles a building site with half- finished projects and heavy vehicles running roughshod over our projects.
They're running roughshod over the working families, roughshod over the family farmers, roughshod over the children and old folks, roughshod not only over poor people but now over the middle class, roughshod over our air and water and food, roughshod over our very concept of sovereignty that we the people should be self-governing.
It's 1927 Chicago, and the action is set in a seedy recording studio where the imperious ``Mother of the Blues,'' Ma Rainey (Devine), is running roughshod over everyone while recording four tunes for dour but opportunistic white studio owner Mel Sturdyvant (Joseph Ruskin).
VAN NUYS - San Fernando Valley residents at a hearing Monday night in Van Nuys complained that film companies are running roughshod over their neighborhoods with noisy and disruptive location shoots.
After running roughshod over every campaign-finance law on the books, he now calls for more regulation.
This was not running roughshod over environmental law at all,'' Collins said.
But residents are justifiably skeptical over construction of a stadium, considering the years of past administrations running roughshod over the neighborhood.
He would add two more touchdowns to his running tab before all was said and won, running roughshod over a Wildcats defense that had yielded an average of only 61.
Is the secular state running roughshod over religion?
Given the way deep-pockets ownership is running roughshod over the pipsqueak operations in baseball today, public ownership of the Dodgers would seem to be an idea with little merit.