run low

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run low

To near the end of a supply of something. We're running low on paper towels right now, so use them judiciously.
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run low (on something)

to near the end of a supply of something. We are running low on salt. It's time to buy more. The car is running low on gas.
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be/run ˈlow (on something)

not have much of something left: We’re running low on fuel. Do you think we’ll have enough to get home?
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When customers see supplies running low, they simply press a Dash Button to order.
A Qantas A380 flying from Singapore to Melbourne was also diverted to Adelaide on May 17 after pilots calculated the plane was running low on fuel.
(AP) -- The state fund that provides grants for low-income students to go to North Carolina colleges and universities is running low.
/ 09 December 2010, SPA -- De-icing fluid, used to stop ice buildup on the wings and bodies of aircraft, is running low around Europe, dpa quotd the association of German airports as warning Thursday.
Last night, their gritters were back in action but other authorities reported that their supplies were running low.
But as council officials warned grit supplies were running low, there were fears of treacherous driving conditions in the coming days.
A clear window on the front shows when packets are running low.
But with eight out of 14 of the hospice shops selling furniture, demand is outstripping supply and stocks are running low.
1 : the whole supply or amount on hand <Our stock of food is running low.>
Now please excuse me, my car is running low on petrol and I have to go and fill her up at 100 fils a litre.