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give someone (the) rundown

To tell someone details about or a brief summary of a given event or situation. Sorry I missed the meeting this morning—could you give me a rundown of what was discussed? Mary gave John the rundown on the championship match.
See also: give, rundown, someone


The general details about or a brief summary of an event or situation. Please give me a rundown of what was discussed in the board meeting yesterday. I'll just give you a quick rundown before we get started.


In poor health; feeling exhausted and sick. A: "I think I'm getting a sore throat." B: "You're probably run-down—you haven't gotten a full night's sleep in weeks!"


n. a summary bringing someone up to date. Can you give me a rundown on what’s happened since noon?
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Mr Buhamood said relocating families from rundown homes into new government housing would allow them to sleep safe in the knowledge that ceilings will not "collapse on their heads".
Accelerating the rundown of Barclays Non-Core is a key part of our strategy to close the gap between the Groups returns and those in our strong Core business.
But I do think that readers who enjoy reality shows will get a kick out of the premise, and that's the niche group that I'm trying to reach with Reality Show Rundown Month - reality show fans/readers who are looking for a fun summer beach read.
Playbuilder is helping us to provide access to free play for some of the most rundown play areas in Wirral.
We think the best thing to do would be to knock the houses down because they have become so rundown.
Quietly, Jemal is converting several sections of rundown South Brooklyn waterfront into such condo communities, a housing plan he has branded "The Riviera.
At the beginning of Rhodes's fourth novel, Marie has moved from Chicago to New Orleans, where she works as a medical resident at a rundown charity hospital.
We've heard there is a CD available that gives a good rundown on using and taking care of the new M12 diesel decon.
TELLY design duo Colin and Justin are set to do up rundown council homes for their new show.
It separated thousands of poor people from the rundown, isolated neighborhoods they were trapped in.
The latest was at a rundown squat earlier this week which left seven dead.
As a member, you are entitled to significant discounts on publications, conferences, products, services and top-flight insurance programs (see this issue, pages 5-7 for a "Year in Review," and the June CPA Letter, pages 5-8, for a comprehensive rundown of membership benefits).
Monica worries about attending the rundown barrio high school.
A simple rundown of total carbs, fiber, total fat, saturated fat, protein, and calories accompanies the delicious recipes such as Homemade Turkey Sausage, Wasabi Salmon, Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, Iced Cucumber-Yogurt Soup, and much more.
2004), presents a complete rundown of small business tax planning.