run (oneself or something) into the ground

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run (oneself or something) into the ground

1. To work oneself to the point of illness or exhaustion. If you keep working 80-hour weeks, you'll run yourself into the ground sooner than later.
2. To overuse or poorly maintain something, resulting in its destruction or loss of functionality. If you would just remember to get your oil changed, you wouldn't keep running your cars into the ground.
3. To continue to discuss or address something—especially an issue or topic—that is no longer of any use or relevance. We've all moved on from that problem, so there's no use running it into the ground.
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run into the ground

1. Pursue a topic until it has been thoroughly discussed or exhausted, as in They've run the abortion issue into the ground.
2. Ruin or destroy, as in During her brief time as chief executive Marjorie just about ran the company into the ground . Both usages allude to pushing something so far that it is, in effect, buried. [Early 1800s]
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run something into the ground

If you run something into the ground, you use it continuously without looking after it, until it is spoilt or destroyed. They didn't take care of the vehicle. They just ran it into the ground. Britain's public housing has been run into the ground over the last few decades.
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run yourself into the ground

1. If you run yourself into the ground, you work so hard at something that you become exhausted. While everyone else is running themselves into the ground for the whole month of December, she and I are relaxing at home.
2. If you run yourself into the ground, you run around a lot, especially while playing a game. Liverpool's young players in particular ran themselves into the ground.
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drive/run/work yourself into the ˈground

work so hard that you become extremely tired: You need to be careful, or you’ll run yourself into the ground before long.With only two or three hours’ sleep a night, he was driving himself into the ground.
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run somebody/something into the ˈground

use something so much that it breaks; make somebody work so hard that they are no longer able to work: In just one year, she managed to run her new car into the ground.These children are running me into the ground.
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Having run themselves into the ground against Liverpool on Thursday, Bernardo Silva and Fernandinho undoubtedly deserve a rest, and Ilkay Gundogan is fit to step in and provide authority in midfield.
Both sides appeared to have run themselves into the ground over the first 60 minutes as the tempo dropped and play became even scrappier.
"It's a huge plus for Limerick that the lads who start the final can run themselves into the ground, and then when they've very little left to give in the match, the various subs can be brought on, "On any given day, any of the subs could start and we're just lucky at the moment that we have such good guys starting and that's the luck of the draw," said the Patrickswell man.
PLAYERS RUN THEMSELVES INTO THE GROUND, BUT THEY NEED HELP Much of the focus during the initial stages of Potter's time in charge has been about what Swansea will do with the ball.
Two time All-Star McGrath added: "The Noel McGraths, the McCormacks, the O'Mearas, they run themselves into the ground and that's why I think Tipp are different now.
It was Wijnal-dum's brilliance which the United head coach had to thank for all three points against Liverpool, the Dutch midfielder scoring one goal and creating the other - though every single Magpie did perform admirably and run themselves into the ground.
The midfielder has revealed that, during his time on Tyneside, the United players used to run themselves into the ground for the first 15 minutes of games at St James' Park - and they would expect their team-mates to do likewise.
Accies had run themselves into the ground and done everything in their power to haul themselves level but this looked like the most glorious of failures.
I was screaming at him and the TV because I just can't understand someone going on for 15 or 20 minutes when they are fresh and not just run themselves into the ground for the team.
Launchbury's tank-emptying shift typi-fied the commitment of an England pack that he declares will run themselves into the ground to break the will of their opponents.
Morrell blasted over after great work by Hunt and Cieslewicz and it looked like Gresley had run themselves into the ground as the young Dragons side slowly took control of the game, with Evans making a run and seeing his cross bounce across the goal-line.
ANDY Thorn has promised Coventry City's faithful that their team will run themselves into the ground for them as they look to secure three crucial points from the first of two make-or-break games at the Ricoh Arena.
However, it could be argued that it was the perfect time to be facing Borough, who had run themselves into the ground just days earlier in the FA Cup draw with Premier League giants Tottenham.
By the time the tail end of summer rolls around many birds have raised several broods and run themselves into the ground.