run a temperature

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run a temperature

To have an abnormally high body temperature (a fever), which is indicative of or caused by illness. Dan: "How's Pete feeling?" Marshall: "Well, he ran a temperature last night, but he seemed a lot better this morning after some rest." I think I've started running a temperature. Maybe I should go lie down.
See also: run, temperature

run a fever and run a temperature

to have a body temperature higher than normal; to have a fever. I ran a fever when I had the flu. The baby is running a temperature and is grouchy.
See also: and, fever, run, temperature

have/run a ˈtemperature

have a higher body temperature than normal: She’s got a terrible headache and she’s running a temperature.
See also: have, run, temperature
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To get maximum use of the heat recovery chiller (HRC), the HW supply reset schedule for the Science Center was adjusted lower, such that it would run temperatures only hot enough to condition the space (Figure 2).
Precise and accurate control of elevated run temperatures will improve HPLC run times, peak resolution, and analyte sensitivity.
The unit allows users to run temperatures up to 280[degrees]C, which is said to be important in high temperature applications and allows automatic testing of the behavior of the material under changing temperature and time conditions.
We first performed D-HPLC using the temperature indicated by the Wavemaker software; we then modified the run temperatures in 1[degrees]C steps.
Heat cramp victims usually sweat profusely, although they do not run temperatures.
In central Ohio, we find our larger ponds typically run temperatures of 70 [degrees] F at eight feet in the summer, and 38 [degrees] F in the winter.