run (up) a tab

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run (up) a tab

To incur or accumulate charges that one must pay at a later time or date. It's a bit hypocritical for these politicians to be pushing legislation that raises the price of alcohol, while they're all there running up huge tabs at the parliament bar each week. Don't worry about the cost of anything while you're here; I'm running a tab with the hotel.
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run a tab

to accumulate charges on a bill at a bar or tavern. They won't let me run a tab here. I have to pay for each drink as I order it.
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run up a tab

If someone runs up a tab, they do things that cause them to owe money. The 62-year-old pop star has run up a tab of $2.1 million at Claridge's Hotel in Mayfair.
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Moreover, according to the Department of Justice, the two capital murder cases it has recently prosecuted have run tabs of more than $1.7 million each.
In pubs throughout north Dublin, he would run tabs so his henchmen could buy drinks for the locals.
There are three separately run TABs in the country, New South Wales, Queensland and the biggest SuperTAB, which covers Victoria.