run somebody/something into the ground

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run into the ground

1. Pursue a topic until it has been thoroughly discussed or exhausted, as in They've run the abortion issue into the ground.
2. Ruin or destroy, as in During her brief time as chief executive Marjorie just about ran the company into the ground . Both usages allude to pushing something so far that it is, in effect, buried. [Early 1800s]
See also: ground, run

run something into the ground

If you run something into the ground, you use it continuously without looking after it, until it is spoilt or destroyed. They didn't take care of the vehicle. They just ran it into the ground. Britain's public housing has been run into the ground over the last few decades.
See also: ground, run, something

run somebody/something into the ˈground

use something so much that it breaks; make somebody work so hard that they are no longer able to work: In just one year, she managed to run her new car into the ground.These children are running me into the ground.