run short

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run short of (something)

To near the end of a supply of something. We're running short of paper towels right now, so use them judiciously.
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run short (of something)

to begin to run out of something. We are running short of eggs. I always keep enough so I will never run short.
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run short

Use something up so that a supply runs out or becomes insufficient, as in We ran short of envelopes, or The organization is running short of money. [Mid-1700s]
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ATN's are expected to run short of money due to the five-day long Eid holidays, bank officials said.
In light of iPhone adopting any layer HDI board, Unimicron executives pointed out that supplies of the high-end PCBs will likely run short in two to three years as the iPhone will inspire other smartphone makers to embrace the boards.
But EBRI's model, released in August, projected that 29 percent of those in the next-to-highest income level will run short of money to cover basic expenses and uninsured health costs after 20 years in retirement, as will 13 percent of those in the highest-income level.
Peter Kavanagh's, in Egerton Street, Toxteth, is among those which have run short of Cains.
The shop is looking for experts in card making, felting and textiles to run short workshops mainly aimed at children.
CASH-STRAPPED students often run short of money at the worst possible moment.
Justin Langer, who was out one run short of his 23rd Test century, said of Lara: "I love watching him bat, he's the king."