run rings round (one)

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run rings round (one)

To do something much better or more efficiently than someone else. Please, I could run rings round you guys—let me try playing that video game with you. After seeing her latest times, I expect Shelly to run rings round her competition in the pool today.
See also: ring, round, run

run (or make) rings round someone

outclass or outwit someone very easily. informal
See also: ring, round, run, someone

run ˈrings around/round somebody/something

(informal) do something very well and so make your opponent look foolish: I don’t want to compete against her in the debate, she’ll run rings around me.
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Go ahead bailiffs do your worst, Barnes will run rings round you. And if you want the shirt off his back, he's even nice enough to sign it.
"If you're looking for a witness, you go and ask the guy who's just run rings round you and he backs you up, you can't get a better witness than that," said McCarthy.