run rings around (one)

run rings around (one)

To do something much better or more efficiently than someone else. Please, I could run rings around you guys—let me try playing that video game with you. After seeing her latest times, I expect Shelly to run rings around her competition in the pool today.
See also: around, ring, run

run rings around

Also, run circles around. Be markedly superior to, as in Ethan runs rings around David in chess, or In spelling, Karen runs circles around her classmates. The first term, dating from the late 1800s, alludes to a horse running around a riding ring much faster than the others.
See also: around, ring, run

run rings around someone


run rings round someone

If someone runs rings round you or runs rings around you, they perform much better than you, often defeating you. He was very happy, having just watched his side run rings around Everton. Note: You often hear people say that someone can run rings round or around someone else, meaning that they are much better at something than the other person. Mentally, he can still run rings round men half his age.
See also: around, ring, run, someone

run ˈrings around/round somebody/something

(informal) do something very well and so make your opponent look foolish: I don’t want to compete against her in the debate, she’ll run rings around me.