run rings around

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run rings around (one)

To do something much better or more efficiently than someone else. Please, I could run rings around you guys—let me try playing that video game with you. After seeing her latest times, I expect Shelly to run rings around her competition in the pool today.
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run rings around

Also, run circles around. Be markedly superior to, as in Ethan runs rings around David in chess, or In spelling, Karen runs circles around her classmates. The first term, dating from the late 1800s, alludes to a horse running around a riding ring much faster than the others.
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run ˈrings around/round somebody/something

(informal) do something very well and so make your opponent look foolish: I don’t want to compete against her in the debate, she’ll run rings around me.

run circles/rings around, to

To defeat decisively in a contest; to outdo. The implication here is that a runner moving in circles can still beat another running in a straight line. The term began to appear in print in the 1890s. “He could run rings round us in everything,” wrote G. Parker in the Westminster Gazette (1894).
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He always has a trick up his sleeve and I enjoy watching him run rings around the opposition.
It just shows you can run rings around the world - as he did so recently - but you still can't escape the wagging finger that reminds you that `at your age' you should somehow know better
THE makers of Lord of the Rings are unleashing a secret weapon in a bid to run rings around its chief rival Harry Potter.
Benitez new rotation policy will be for the Keane/Torres combination to run rings around everybody.
Stuttgart surely had the hardest match - they were playing an entire planet (and not a small one, either) away from home, with the task of trying to run rings around them
YOUNGSTERS who think they can run rings around the adults on the football pitch are being given the chance to prove it.
Do you think you've got the sweetest rat in Cardiff, or can your gerbil run rings around other furry creatures?
HONOURED: Sam Perrie lets the children run rings around her; SKIP TO IT: Sam with some of the children she cares for before and after school
Saddam, he has judged, will simply continue to run rings around Dr Hans Blix and his team.
The dogs - all rescued by the UK's largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust - have run rings around their human handlers, making up in charisma what they've lacked in obedience.
We can't afford to sit back and let them play otherwise a team like Arsenal will run rings around you.