run past

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run (something) past (one)

1. To explain or describe something to one; to inform one about something. I have an idea I'd like to run past you. OK, run the plan past me one more time.
2. To obtain one's permission for something. You'll need to run that past the boss before you do it. Please run those kinds of decisions past me next time, OK?
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run past

To pass (someone or something) while running. The kids ran right past without even saying hello. The boss ran past before I had a chance to ask him about the meeting.
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run past (someone or something)

1. Literally, to pass someone or something while running. The kids ran right past me without even saying hello. She always runs past our house in the morning in order to catch the 9:15 bus.
2. To carry someone or something to move beyond someone or something else while running. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "run" and "past." The tight end ran the football past the defensive line and made a break for the end zone. Please run those kinds of decisions past me next time, OK?
3. To proceed or progress beyond some limit or threshold. The project has already run past its budget. Our debate was so intense that we ran way past our 60-minute time limit.
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run past

1. To run near or alongside someone or something from one side to the other: A flock of wild turkeys ran past the barn.
2. To overtake someone or something by running: I was leading in the race, but then someone ran past me.
3. To continue later than some time: I will be late for dinner because our meeting will run past 7:00.
4. To tell, explain, or demonstrate something to someone: He ran many ideas past us, but we disliked them all.
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none of them will shoot and None of them will run past Lucaku into the penalty area.
The torch will not be run past Fixby or Bradley - but the relay route runs from Marsh to end at Fartown Bar, the intersection of Bradford Road and Spaines Road.
Campaign group Streethay Against Development (SAD) vowed to contest the scheme which would see a 2.5-mile viaduct run past their homes.
Turner said: "He is starting to run past people again with the ball and that goal will give him great confidence."
It can be a thankless task as 9,200 sweaty, exhausted people run past, in most cases too tired to express their gratitude.
The Burnt Post in Kenpas Highway, Styvechale, The Holyhead, in Holyhead Road, Coventry city centre and The Open Arms in Daventry Road, Cheylesmore all have special licences to run past midnight.
The sport involves counting a large group of sheep as they run past.
Swansea have yet to comment, but Howard said: "He looked around, waited for Chuter to run past and deliberately elbowed him."
Witness John Bailey said: "The police were clearly no deterrent as they obviously must have run past them into the port."