run out

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run (one) out (of some place)

To chase one away with force or the threat of force or punishment. The sheriff ran the bandits out of town last winter, but it looks like they're back again. The security guard ran us out before we could sneak into the warehouse.
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run out

1. To be depleted of something; to use or sell all of something that is available. Often followed by "of (something)." We better stop at the next exit to make sure we don't run out of gas. The store ran out of bottled water and canned food after the government issued their warning about the storm. Do we have any milk left or did we run out?
2. To leave for a brief period. I have to run out and do a couple of errands. Do you need anything? Will someone run out for some more hamburger buns?
3. To abandon a romantic relationship with one. Often followed by "on (someone)." I don't know what I'll do if Sarah runs out on me. I thought Jack really loved me, but he ran out as soon as I wasn't earning as much money as I used to.
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run out (on someone)

to depart and leave someone behind. My date ran out on me at the restaurant, and I had to pay the bill. Her boyfriend ran out when she needed him the most.
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run out

1. Become used up or exhausted, as in Our supplies have run out. [Late 1600s]
2. Compel to leave; see run off, def. 5.
3. Become void, expire, as in Our renter's insurance ran out last month. [c. 1300] Also see run out of; run out on.
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run out on

Desert, abandon, as in He's run out on the family. [First half of 1900s]
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run out

1. To hasten on foot to an exterior or distant place: Let's run out to the lake and swim.
2. To make a brief trip to fetch or buy something, especially by car: I'll run out for some more beer.
3. To be used until nothing remains: Our supplies finally ran out and we had nothing to eat.
4. To use something until there is none left: I think we've run out of toothpaste. Bring enough money so that you don't run out before your return.
5. To compel someone to leave by force or threat: The sheriff ran the gangsters out of town. We sneaked into the yard to get the ball, and a pair of vicious dogs ran us out.
6. To become void, especially through the passage of time: Our insurance policy will run out next week.
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To have three run outs in the top six means you are going to be bowled out cheaply.
The coach should fix the problem as in crucial situations during a match run outs could become turning points, he concluded.
Chester gave run outs to new loan signings Evan Horwood and Chris Robertson in the reserves' 2-0 defeat at Blackpool.
You just can't afford these kind of things in a World Cup," he said, though he was one among the two run outs.
With the match going down to the wire a fine debut by Mick Lewis (3-56) and two run outs in the last over ensured Australia held on to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-game series.
We had three unnecessary run outs and they cost us,''he said.
After winning the toss, England were restricted to 156 for eight in 50 overs, Claire Taylor top-scoring with 35 but four wickets falling to run outs.
Our fielding, especially our ability to pull off run outs when the ball rebounds from inside the nets to produce run outs is the key.
16 (ANI): Lambasting opener Salman Butt for his lazy attitude which resulted in two crucial run outs during Pakistan's first innings in the third Test here, captain Mohammad Yousuf has accused him of 'selfishness.
Bangladesh were unsuccessful in defending a modest victory target of 119, after reckless batting - epitomised by four needless run outs - undermined their batting at Warner Park.
At first you bowl continual no-balls and fall prey to idiotic run outs.
Earlier England, having lost the last three of four warm-up games in Australia, seemed in need of practice, especially the art of running between the wickets after losing half their side to run outs.
THREE suicidal run outs by West Indian batsmen saw South Africa defend a total of just 179 in the day-night one-day clash at Port Elizabeth.
SELL highest individual score at 150, sell highest first 15 overs at 113, sell highest first over at 14, buy fastest 50 at 31, sell most runs conceded at 84, sell batsmen 50 ups at 2325, sell 300 ups at 115, sell total run outs at 75, buy Hick Golden Bat at 26, sell Shahid Afridi the first 15 flyer overs at 220, sell John Major TV sightings at 5.
Sussex's reply got off to a disastrous start when Rajesh Rao and captain Chris Adams fell to run outs with only 20 scored.