run onto

run onto (something)

To drive (a car or boat) onto something or some surface. A noun or pronoun can be used between "run" and "onto" to specify what is being driven. The captain misjudged the depth of the water and ended up running onto the reef. He lost control of the car and ran it right onto the frozen lake.
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run something onto something

to drive or guide something onto the surface of something. He ran the car onto the grass and washed it. Please run your bicycle onto the porch and I will try to fix it for you.
See also: run
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We may dare say it is understandable, but deep in our hearts we know it is illegal to run onto the pitch according to Fifa rules.It is patently wrong and may get a team fined, let alone the fact that it breaches the security of the playing unit and its management.
Women with young children run onto the pitch to escape the fracas which broke out among fans during the match in Cardiff
Mothers with young children were forced to run onto the pitch to avoid the scenes on the terrace as a group of supporters clashed in the closing exchanges of Glamorgan Wanderers and Brecon's WRU Division One play-off second leg at the Memorial Ground in Cardiff on Saturday.
When Storm is admiring Nightcrawler's body art, there's a point at which you can see the Cumming's skin in the crease of his neck and also the dye has run onto his teeth.
Within seven minutes, City had scored a decisive second, Tony Thorpe outpacing the defence to run onto Tom Doherty's pass.
But when the life-long Evertonian went to run onto the hallowed turf, she was quickly stopped in her tracks.
Witnesses said the man, believed to be in his 20s, had run onto the busy dual carriageway after a fight broke out on the car park of the Malt Shovel pub.
Witnesses saw the youngster run onto the road moments before she was hit by a van as her horrified mum and 14-year-old sister looked on helplessly.
'I thought it must be to do with one of the field events until I saw a stray dog run onto the track and past the lead runner.
Late on, Guyett produced a penetrating pass from his own half for Twiss to run onto and the midfielder buried the ball beyond Harrison.
A police helicopter was scrambled to track the animal and marksmen drafted in to kill it amid fears it would run onto a train track.
'Lots of players have different routines they like to do when they first set foot onto the ground and if you run onto the ground quickly you could have a bit of an accident there as well.'
If some moron wants to run onto the pitch it is near impossible to stop him.
But Hughes chose to run onto his sword, because he's that rare thing, a man of integrity.