run off with (someone or something)

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run off with (someone or something)

1. To escape or depart with a romantic partner; to elope. Bill's wife ran off with his accountant. I ran off with my high school boyfriend when I was only 17.
2. To steal something and escape with it. It turns out the CEO ran off with the pension funds for nearly 50 employees. Some kid ran off with my wallet when my back was turned.
See also: off, run

run off with someone or something

1. to take someone or something away, possibly running. (See also run off (with someone).) Fred ran off with Ken. They'll be back in a minute. Who ran off with my dictionary?
2. to capture and take away someone or something; to steal someone or something. The kidnappers ran off with little Valerie. The kids ran off with a whole box of candy, and the storekeeper is going to press charges.
See also: off, run

run off with

1. Make off with; see run away with, def. 1.
2. Capture or carry off, as in The debaters ran off with the state championship.
See also: off, run
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But lingerie model Abbey could run off with something, according to Len, 69, namely the winner's crown.